Dinner with the Heirophant, Part One
  • The Heirophant is escorted to the inn and welcomed by a receiving line of all the inn’s workers, which he graciously greets, and is then lead to the private dining room where the guard and his wife are nervously waiting.
  • Daphid gets Govan seated
  • Morgana and Warcyd are the wife and guard are super duper nervous. Daphid is being obnoxious to Govan, as is his wont.
  • At Govan’s request, Gwen plays a few songs. Prydaim peeks in and is aghast at this.
  • Morgana works down at They Wayfarer, the third biggest inn in town. It’s a rough place, pretty shady.
  • There’s spice cake! It’s very delicious and everyone is very happy.
  • The evening is nice, and the couple eventually relaxes enough to have conversation. As things wind up, Claire, Daphid, and Taren head to escort the Heirophant home.
  • The crowds are busy still, despite the late hours. There’s a crowd around the blacksmith.
  • Daphid is approached and a man presses a dagger into his side, commanding him to drop his axes. Another man approaches Snowflake and tries to grab the reins.
  • Daphid feigns dropping his axes and attempts an attack, but is mortally wounded.
  • WHAT THE FUCK. That’s bullshit. This is bullshit.
    *Snowflake (rolls a fricken 27) kicks back, striking one of the attackers behind it before it bolts wildly forward. Govan holds on for dear life and is taken along for the ride.
    *Claire does a flying tackle on the person that is trying to catch Snowflake and stabs them in the leg. It’s nasty.
    *Taren attempts to alert the crowd by shouting and then fires at the attacker who is loading his crossbow. She hits his right in the chest and his own arrow goes wide to the sky.
  • The guy Clair has stabbed tries to flip his dagger around to stab her but fails and his dagger goes flying.
    *During all this, Govan is praying and praying. He’s still getting away on Snowflake. The symbolism is not lost on the group.
  • Claire is just stabbing the bejeezus out of this guy as he ties to get a grip on his dagger. Taren finally shoots her target down and he lies in agony, dying.
    *"Do not piss off Tarish women."
  • Taren explains to the dying man that she must kills him because he shot her friends, and recommends against it before delivering the final arrow.
  • Claire, in her bloodlust, notices that the sun is rising in the wrong direction and is heading towards her. This is odd. She throws herself on top of Daphid to protect him from whatever is coming.
  • The light is all encompassing. Claire feels a deep, gentle warmth before a hand lifts her up and away from Daphid. She allows herself to be moved and the hands are then placed on Daphid.
  • Daphid, who is having himself a moment, suddenly feels like he’s floating on a warm cloud, which is nicer than dying. He finds himself lying face down on the street with Govan standing over him, who flicks him in the face because to be fair he’s an ass.
  • Govan then demands Daphid walks him back to the church as he is tired. Daphid feels great and only sort of remembers the stabbing and being dead.
  • Claire is a hot mess, covered in blood and tears as she watches Daphid. Daphid comforts her and wipes away her tears. Govan takes the snowflake amulet necklace she wears and channels through it to bring her calmness.
  • Claire throws her arms around Govan and tearfully thanks him.
  • Taren is a boss ass bitch about all of this. She’s upset but more in the mood for a drink rather than a hug.
  • Snowflake reappears with the man that tried to grab her dead in her antlers. Daphid and Taren free her and she’s still not happy.
  • They get back to the church, and Govan sends Daphid to get water from the well. Daphid wordlessly obeys for once and everybody takes a drink.
  • Govan states that he is very glad that Daphid had already drank from the well, then sends Daphid off to get Gwen.
  • “Welcome to weird shit 101.”
Performance at the Castle
  • Claire and Gwen are taken to get dried off and prepared. Gwen opts for some fresh clothes offered, while Claire has her own gear packed away. They’re taken through the castle to the room where a lady in waiting breaks down the rules.
    *We do little to put her worries at ease.
  • The two are introduced to a room where the Lady and several attendants, which she immediately dismisses. Wine is offered and Gwen asks for a vintage from her home.
  • Lady Gael Blethana is happy to see Gwen, going so far as to give her a hug when she enters.
  • Gael asks after how Gwen learned to play, and Gwen makes up a story about growing up in Ferny Wood and Balial stopping by to recover from and injury.
  • Gael asks after how Gwen learned to play, and Gwen makes up a story about growing up in Ferny Wood and Balial stopping by to recover from and injury.
  • Gael is familiar with Balial’s genius and tell Gwen how lucky she was to even meet him.
  • They play together, and Gael is very talented and enjoys herself. She says that it’s been a while since she could talk to anyone about music.
  • They play for a bit, Gael offers some corrections to Gwen and they play a few songs. Claire even sings, and there are snacks and it’s a good time.
  • After a bit, Gael claims she’s forgotten something and leaves the room. Gwen snoops and finds a hastily abandoned letter home, where Gael recalls her trip.
  • Gael suddenly claims to have taken ill and dismisses Gwen and Claire. She offers patronage to Gwen during their trip so she’ll have company. Gwen asks for time to ask the rest of her traveling group.
A Trip to Castle Lychtenstein
  • Claire, Daphid, and Gwen head to the church. Govan is there and welcomes them. He notes that Claire has hung back from entering the church.
  • Govan talks to Claire, who claims that she doesn’t belong to the church because she is “not of his people.”
  • Govan explains that this religion was brought from the Continent, and is not more “his” religion than hers, and that they were all made by the same Creator.
    Then Govan asks Gwen to perform one of his favorite hymns, which they and Daphid sing in harmony. The resulting song is beautiful and Govan blesses Gwen for her performance.
    *Gwen tells Govan about the afternoon’s invitation, to which he offers advice on how to deal with nobles. She offers further info on WHO she is performing for, and where she’s headed to get married. She also lets him know about her family’s situation.
  • The priest (Hierophant but who is counting) asks after the lord that has taken her lands, what the condition of his soul might be, and promises a letter that will send the church to investigate this man.
  • They also speak of the Ghost Lady that Claire saw, and Govan promises to have priests asses the situation and make reparations if they have brought violence against the woman’s village.
  • There’s a bit of a jam session. Gwen plays a few songs (including Tinker, Tanner) and Daphid is sent to fetch water from a well to get him out of the room for a bit.
  • Govan leads them to the cave he lives in (!!!). Claire sets him up with some protective herbs and totems. Govan gives her a snowflake emblem necklace as a symbol of the Creator and double-proof that she is Totally Not A Witch.
  • It’s time to head out, and Govan decides to come along. He meets with a man who gains money through illicit means, but the man does not repent.
  • Govan leans in with threats of Church Law and excommunication (which he previously said was bs), and Claire adds a very creepy threat on top of that. It’s a solid move.
  • (The dude is an asshole who arrests strangers for crimes they had no idea were illegal in this city and extorts them for money/bail.)
  • Then we meet the poor guard at the gate on our way to the castle and offer him and his wife dinner at the inn. It’s a weird trip.
Down by the Docks
Rainy Days and Duke's Daughters
  • Clair and Taren head out toward the docks. A group of guards block the main path.
  • Behind the guard’s line, they barely spot a pile of dismembered people. It’s gross, and the guards force them to find an alternate path.
  • The two head down back alleys until they find themselves having to cross the paths of some never-do-wells playing dice when an older woman appears.
  • She calls to the two women and claims them as her apprentices to keep them away. They don’t know the woman but head into her house for safety.
  • The woman’s name is Chuyena, and she’s an herbalist/healer. She offers hospitality to Taren and Claire and lets them know where to get healing in town. She warns the girls to have caution and gives them directions.
  • Chuyena also makes an herbal remedy in a gris-gris bag and gives it to Claire, saying it can do “more than ward off spirits, or heal a bone faster” that the mix will help.
  • Claire and Taren make it to the Dockside Varigal house and scare the bejeezus out of the house host. He is dismayed that two Varigals were actually out running errands that weren’t super-urgent.
  • He also mentions that Lord MacIffyd is going to have some sort of a celebration soon.
  • Daphid and Gwen head out from the old church. Gwen lets Daphid know that she is actually noble and asks him to keep it under his veil.
  • Since they’re already out in the rain they decide to head to the docks. They find the harbor master’s building and are let in.
  • The Sea Dragon, Mermaid’s Bane, and The Undaunted (Reish) are the three boats available. The daughter of “some duke” has been brought on The Undaunted to be wed to someone in the North.
  • The Mermaid’s Bane’s captain likes animals.
  • Sioned, the habor master, is pretty nice and offers to introduce us to captains when we need. There is tea and small talk while Gwen and Daphid catch a few moments to drip-dry.
  • After that we get to the Varigal House. Taren is winning at chess and Daphid retells a humorous, overwrought version of Claire’s adventures in the Whispering Woods.
  • We all head back to the Inn. Daphid finds a chunk of person in the street but doesn’t mention it to anyone else in the group.
  • We get back and meet with Bassahn, who we tell about the evil spirit and how we encountered it. We also happen to tell that story in front of Claire, who freaks.
  • Daphid lets Bassahn know about how he lit her candle and how we met Govan. She’s touched emotionally and recalls her past as when this inn was a boudoir. She worked there until she could buy the place and change it to a respectable inn.
  • Bath time! Nobody washes Claire’s clothes but Claire. Bassahn pulls Gwen aside and lets her know there are escape routes in this inn if she needs them.
  • Dinner time! Everyone gets fed while Gwen performs. The inn is packed as there was a scene at the other inn that’s driven people here.
  • During the evening meal the door opens. The guard set out front appears to have been knocked down while two guards escorting a noble woman.
  • The woman is richly dressed and dry thanks to her guard. Gold and jewels, the whole nine yards.
  • A guard announces her as the daughter of a Duke of Taol Kaer. That’s pretty damn important! Bassahn and Prydaim start throwing servants around and shoot Gwen nervous looks.
  • Gwen bows to the noble woman, who makes eye contact and seems to be curious as to how Gwen will do.
  • Gwen plays for and hour, eschewing her break time for the woman. At almost exactly an hour, the woman prepares to leave.
  • She has her guard offer Gwen her pinky ring and the advice that she had her grip too close to the G fret. Gwen is caught off guard by that and the entire inn holds its breath as she and her guards leave.
  • She’s betrothed to Lord Ranolf.
Gems and Gigs
Saving Lives and Not Getting Eaten by Ghosts
  • After Gwen and Daphid reappear, Taren shares that she’s overheard some weird stuff and the group goes up to a room to discuss.
  • Up in Gwen’s room for secrecy, Taren explains that the gem merchant has set to kill a rival merchant’s courier so their competition fails to make a deal with Earl MacIffyd’s silversmith.
  • Nobody likes the idea of somebody straight-up getting murdered for their job so we decide to see what we can do about it.
  • Heading back into the rain, Daphid runs into a man smoking near the entrance to the inn, who is probably working with the bad gem merchant
  • The man makes mention of a Dutchess from Taol-Kaer visiting the city. Daphid makes small talk until the two women head out into the rain.
  • In an flash of lightning, Daphid spots a figure in the distance. Something seems unsettling about him. Channeling our Scooby Gang, we further investigate this person and approach.
  • Taren notices that the figure isn’t walking so much as it is gliding. It matches its pace to ours and we can hear it sniffing the air, despite the sound of the heavy rain.
  • It starts to come near us, so we retreat slowly back towards the inn. The man that was out there smoking leaps out with his sword drawn and confirms that he saw the same thing.
  • Everyone goes back into the inn. Prydaim scoffs at Gwen when she says they saw the Spooky M Thing and says not to bring such nonsense into the inn with them. Daphid, Taren, and the man (Iorren) sit down for a beer and discuss what they all saw.
  • They bond over effed up stuff in the world.
  • The idea spoiled, Gwen goes up to bed. Daphid steps outside to sit with one of the goons who has replaced Iorren. Taren takes Daphid’s bed.
  • Daphid notices a person-shaped figure darting through the shadows. Daphid gets up and starts taking a piss in front of the goon to allow the assumed Varigal to make it pass the intercept point safely.
  • This grosses the goon out so badly that he looks away. The Varigal manages to sneak their way past the intercept point.
  • Claire wakes to the sound of another Varigal, a young woman, drying her clothes as she shivers. The Varigal House cat had been curled up next to her.
  • Claire makes tea for the girl while she warms up and tells of how she’s delivered her package and received two Frost Daels for it (which is a huge payment). She’s an apprentice, so she only travels in the city, but is excited to head out into the world.
  • The girl, Jeanette (whoops same name as the bartender), has some nice small talk over tea and stew with Claire. They discuss the city and bond.
  • In the morning Claire meets the grumpy head of the Varigal house and heads out as Taren did not come back to bed. She heads out into the rain and meets one of the goons still waiting as she heads into the Inn.
  • Prydiam questions if Claire has money, but Claire explains how she’s looking for her friends. She is lead up the servant stairs, by her preference.
  • “I hear this is not that type of establishment.” – Claire
  • Everyone is woken us (Claire tries to whisper through the keyhole and gets yelled at by another inn patron).
  • Over breakfast we explain the situation from last night. Gwen skips over the whole “a ghost attacked us” part and Claire denies seeing Jeanette.
  • The group heads out to the Varigal house, collects some letters to be delivered to the dock-side Varigal house.
  • On the way they spot a crowd staring at something in the street. It’s an iron arrow, covered in barnacles, and looks like its been forged into the ground
  • Huh. Weird. Claire hates that we stopped and everyone else causally whistles and walks away.
Keep by the Sea
A Shelter and a Storm
  • The night passes with Daphid hooking up with Lady Kells and Mother being able to make a nice dessert with what Claire foraged.
  • Claire awakes in the night to a strange sound, like a rumble, that is something more than wind rushing over the ruined keep.
  • Claire wakes up Taren, Taren wakes up Daphid, Daphid wakes up Lady Kells and Mother. Lady Kells says this is a normal occurrence.
  • Mother and Gwen give no shits, apparently.
  • Daphid checks the horses. Lady Kells are fine, but the group’s mounts are freaking out.
  • Daphid goes to take a peek beyond the walls of the keep and sees a hill…moving. It’s really scary in a major way.
  • The hill has a face now? Daphid is having a very bad time and can’t look at it for long.
  • Claire gets honey from kitchen and smears it over portholes of the keep because reasons.
  • Daphid comes back in and tries to assure Taren that everything is fine, but his body language shows that he’s been frightened.
  • Everyone goes back to sleep and the wind dies down.
  • In the morning, Mother is furious to find that someone has smeared the honey around the keep. Lady Kells lays down the law and says that by the time they come back with eggs, this better be cleaned up.
  • Daphid checks again in the sunlight and confirms that he can see a path through the grass. Whatever he saw was real.
  • Breakfast is nice but then things get real because Daphid calls out Lady Kells asking why she isn’t keeping her name going. Kells bitterly admits that she’s barren and Daphid clarifies that she could name any confidant if she had them.
  • There’s a lot of back and forth but it boils down to the fact that she’s oath-bound to Earl Mac Iffyd and he wants her lands to be returned to him once she dies.
  • Daphid gets Gwen to offer up the idea they had: Kells get married to Lord Vortigern. They try and sell her on what a good guy he is.
  • After some more discussing and we try to figure out what the hell feudal law would do, Lady Kells agrees that it would be a good idea.
  • Lady Kells gives a cloak pin with her house symbol on it to send with a letter of introduction.
  • We leave on good terms and head out onto the road. A storm is quickly heading towards us so we pick up the pace to make it to the city.
  • The wind picks up smoke coming from a portion of the city. It looks like there was a fire that is almost extinguished.
  • The weather goes from a threat to bad rain and lightning and the group hauls ass to get to the town for shelter. There is a lightning strike behind us and the cliffside shakes as we’re covered in dust from the impact.
  • We’re hauled into the portculis by a guard who also gets soaked in his attempts to give us shelter. He’s grumpy but admits that at least the rain will put out the fire in the warehouse district.
  • There are two inns to stay at, the Golden Zephyr and the Kraken, as well as two Varigal houses.
  • He warns us not to be out after dark, lest the “Moraigen” gets us.
  • The group makes it to the Varigal house which is impressively large with loads of storage space for packages. The Varigal at the counter is playing with his cat as he greets us.
  • We drop off the packages, introduce ourselves, and he gives us welcome. The Varigals are offered hospitality, but Gwen and Daphid are free to sit and dry themselves.
  • The group is greeted in the resting room by Bost, who is a Varigal tending a spit with a small pig and playing a game of chess with himself. He’s friendly, and offers us a meal with him. Taren plays him in a game of chess.
  • Bost gives us a little info about town and heads up to his bed. Gwen leaves a coin for the meal he shared, and writes the letter to send to Lord V. The group decides to head to the tavern/inn together as it is only early afternoon.
  • They gather up the animals and take them to the stable attached to the Zephyr and surprise a group of kids that attend the stables. We get the animals attended and the kids are nice and cute.
  • We run into a person who works at the inn and start to get rooms reserved at the “best inn in the city.”
  • The inn is a little pricey but not too bad. The common room is huge and very nice with a big fireplace, Right now it is full of merchants that have come to sell weird goods to Magentists.
  • Gwen asks if they’re in need of a minstrel, and they are, but Prydaim states that they have a certain standard to uphold. She offers Gwen an audition after she has time to dry off and change. She judges us as a bit of bumpkins.
  • Daphid escorts her down the stairs and Pyrdaim has to fight the urge to curtsy at the sight of Gwen done up properly.
The Not-Marriage of Figaro
  • Gwen gets escorted to her room, a dust covered place where no one has been in a long time.
  • She opens the balcony and cracks Delwyn in the Plague Doctor Mask. He hobbles in and gets covered in dust.
  • He wants leads on occult stuff that he can sell, and is willing to help get Taren out of her engagement to Lord Brevant. Gwen agrees to give him directions to Fernywood for payment.
  • Delwyn then manages to get to the second story floor window of Claire and Daphid and talk to them about his plan. He’s vague, and asks for their help in the plan. He admits he has a debt to the Tarish people and earnestly wants to help.
  • There’s some talk about a plan where Delwyn busts in acting as her husband, and there’s something about Daphid pretending to kill Delwyn. Delwyn eventually flaps back out the widow.
  • Gwen briefly considers following him up and over the roof but doesn’t.
  • Everybody gets some rest and then are woken up with their respective breakfasts. Taren gets a bath and is hungover.
  • The peanut gallery gets assembled while “Mistress Taren”is announced and immediately insults Lord Brevant.
  • Lord Brevant “reminds” Taren that she “agreed” to marry him. Taren denies that and he tells her to watch her tongue.
  • There is a knock at the door! Very loud! Who could it be???
  • In barges Delwyn claiming that his wife was headed this way and pretends to recognize Taren. Gwen manages to mouth the words “PLAY ALONG” and Taren pretends to recognize her husband, """"Roderick"""
  • Lord Brevant “realizes” that she almost led him to sin and allows Delwyn to escort her away. Claire, Gwen, and Daphid are given hush money.
  • Gwen wishes aloud that his Lordship had better peerage to relate to, and Daphid offers to make a connection to Lord Vordigern for purposes of sharing a love of art and the finer things in life.
  • A letter is written and the group heads out. Taren is retrieved from her hiding spot in the woods and a few letters are sent to Lord Vordigern.
  • Delwyn parts ways with us and lets us know his seller is in Northern Gwidrea (Ardonrach).
  • We head to the Varigal house and see Abyseth. He gives us some mail/packages to deliver to a *more northern sorting house and prepares our letters for sending.
  • Abyseth notices that the cider clonks, so we bust it open and find a ruined note bound in oil cloth. The note is ruined but there is a large, ornate crown. The head of the crown is shaped like a bee and the end like a honeycomb.
  • Abyseth tries to admit his feelings to Gwen; she shuts him down by calling him a friend. He goes on to give her the gift of a sack cloth and reminds her of the brigands on the roads and knight that defends against them.
  • Daphid goes to deliver the dress Lord Brevant had Taren wear to the Miller’s daughter, Claire (who had been his dance partner).
  • Claire graciously accepts (Jacquetta has been teacher her graces) and in returns, gives Daphid a lady’s favor and demands a victory at his next tournament.
  • The group stops by Javil to say farewell and give him some apples. Gwen offers him aid in getting out of the jibbet and he asks for his case to be pleaded to a Heirophant. Gwen plays him a song so he can have a bit a music.
  • Gwen asks him for a name that will get more command within the church and he says that the name Arnul Javil will suit, as many still know and some still fear it.
  • Side note, he’s also seen 3 Feondas and that freaks Claire the hell out. Javil gives her his blessing to try and help her out and be brave but prudent across danger.
  • We head out again! The roads are pleasantly boring.
  • That is, until the bandits. They demand coin and receive it. Daphid notices something strange about them and they remark that they’re from a village.
  • One of the bandits demands that Gwen show what she’s got in her rucksack and declares that Gwen must have stolen that lute. Gwen plays and proves it is hers, and a bandit returns her coin purse and gives her a coin in payment.
  • The coin given to Gwen is strange; it is ancient, with a stag on one side and a tree on the other. It’s pre Kingdom, that’s how old it is. There is something clearly odd about these bandits.
  • Two weird things: a man says “nobody gets sick” and gets shushed, and that the leader who looked about 25 had been doing this “for fifty years”
  • The group tries to offer help for their village, because this is really weird. The leader urges them to go on and forget what happened here, so the group heads out.
  • Daphid realizes one of the things that made the Bandits weird is that there was a Sameness about them in their physical being.
  • We come across a knight on horseback, blocking the road. They have older style armor and a sigil of a boar on a blue background.
  • She introduces herself as Lady Aerendal of Barrowleigh Howe of The Kells (spelling is hard in this game). She recognizes Daphid’s claimed house and asks after Lord Vertigern. She’s called The Termagant Knight.
  • She invites us to spend the night at her castle, although she admits that it isn’t what it once was. Daphid accepts on our behalf and we make our way down a narrow, sea-side trail.
  • She lives in a stone keep with a herd of friendly horses. Everything seems to be a little decrepit. Out of her armor she’s a 40-something lady that is clearly strong.
  • She lives with her “Mother”, a servant that won’t leave despite not being paid in quite some time. She was once engaged to Brevant the Elder but she passed on that deal.
  • Daphid and Lady Knight flirt and are gross together.
  • Claire finds a huge cache of currants and honey comb. Tarren gets water from the well, and Gwen is bad at chopping potatoes.
At the village of Ofergietan
Say that Three Times Fast
  • The group gets the animals put up at a nice stable, and part ways among the village. Gwen plays music for the children to keep them company.
  • Claire and Taren visit the Varigal house and find it has a mail sorting office in the back. There is a man with a big gut sorting mail, who claims he’s quit traveling to just sort packages. He’s heard rumors of a knight guarding roads towards the coast.
  • The package master’s name is Abyseth. He heads out with Clair and Taren and is smitten with Gwen, who he helps repack her lute more efficiently. Gwen introduces Daphid to him and they all go to the tavern with a warning to be polite to Montiroe.
  • Jacquetta, the owner of the bar, is a very young woman (17 tops) and is busy tending tables. A huge man named Montiroe stands at the kitchen door, her apparent guard.
  • Abyseth points out a man wearing black cloak with feathers as a man who is rumored to have traveled from Reizh and has been asking “the wrong sorts of questions”
  • Jacquetta takes our orders and sets up Gwen to perform for the night.
  • Abyseth starts trying to mack on Gwen while everyone has dinner when the man in the feathered cloak walks over and seats himself with a flourish between Clair and Taren.
  • That goes about as well as you think.
  • He introduces himself as Delwyn of Reizh, who is an researcher of the occult with a specialty in Tarish Lore and such.
  • Claire bolts after about thirty seconds of this guy as she wants nothing to do with him. He explains that he’s on the hunt for any occult action and was here to examine the man in the jibbet, which turns out was a boring mundane thing.
  • He’s pretty hysterical if the group sort of gives him conversation. Abyseth goes to the big dude trying to get Delwyn kicked out to no avail. The man is boisterous and keeps getting odd looks from other patrons.
  • Eventually he heads off to go find a large sack which he takes from the grain mill. He gets harassed by a small child on the way but gets his bag and heads back to the tavern.
  • The tavern is having a big ol’ party with everyone in town! Gwen puts on a good show with lots of popular dances and such for the people.
  • Meanwhile, Claire wanders the town and heads to the tree in the center of the village.
  • Taren talks with Abyseth and tells him about the dead Varigal they came across in the woods. She gives him the letter to read and he notes that it is to someone in Guv’ren. They discuss the dead body for a while, then Abyseth asks if Delwyn was rude.
  • Taren lets him know that he has no chance with Gwen in a devastating parting shot. Get owned, Abyseth.
  • During the second set break, Delwyn pulls Abyseth outside to “help” him with Gwen. Despite HOW SUPER WEIRD HE IS, all he does is offer Delwyn the sack so that he can offer it to Gwen to hide her lute.
  • The sound of hoot beats is heard and a gaudy carriage approaches the tavern. It has guards that unload a rather large man who is super-obese.
  • Jacquetta pulls Gwen aside and explains that the lord is easy to annoy and vicious when he’s irritated. Gwen has a set list for this type of customer.
  • Gwen steps back up to the stage, makes a big show of asking the lord’s permission, and plays her Pompus Asshole Set. The Lord seems pleased, and then says it’s time for a dance.
  • Taren says, “Fuck it, let’s do this” and volunteers to be his partner. Delwyn and Daphid also join the reel.
  • It goes…kinda good, kinda poorly. Taren is super drunk so her ineptitude masks the Lord’s and gives him someone to blame. Daphid dances with an 8yr old that is totally rad.
  • Gwen cuts the song short because the Lord is dying for a breath (Gwen contemplates killing the lord by continuing) and Daphid and the 8 year old Claire have a seat which everyone thinks is very cute.
  • It gets to the point where Lord Brevant tries to get Taren to go back to his manor with him. Taren laughs out loud at this offer and the air goes out of the room.
  • Taren barfs on his shoes. Daphid steps in and claims her as a charge and the Lord Brevant can’t take a hint about her not going with him.
  • Daphid tries to get her out of it but ends up gathering Claire and getting in the wagon. Delwyn ties himself under the wagon. Gwen think we’re all bailing but ends up being escorted on Pissbeard. She chats with a chill guard.
  • They reach the manor. Everybody pops out and the Lord is met with a too-deep bow. This is the McManor of Manors. Delwyn unties himself from the wagon and Batmans it into the larger grounds of the manor.
  • The interior is ostentatious and kinda tacky. Money was put into stupid decor but you can tell the manor is in ill repair.
  • Gwen is called to perform for his bed ridden mother, who is even bigger than she is. His mamma so big when she sits around the manor, she sits AROUND the manor.
  • Brevant introduces Gwen to his mother and she berates his as an idiot, mocks him for claiming to dance, and calls for Gwen to play. She bemoans her current lot, asks Gwen to play baudy songs, and warns her against having children.
  • She mentions that she’s pretty sure he’s still a virgin, and Gwen almost feels bad for him.
  • Taren is being checked out by the physician, while Claire and Daphid are shown their room. The two make plans to rescue Taren. Delwyn continues to Batman about in search of the Lord’s room.
  • Taren gets some leeches applied and then is escorted to the former Lady of the House’s room to sleep so she can recover.
  • Brevant might want to marry her??? We’re getting into the plot of that animated Thumbalina movie. Remember that one? He’s the mole.
  • Delwyn made it into the room, and hides on the balcony as Brevant goes to sleep. Delwyn is in full Plague Doctor dress and comes back in, observes him, and then leaves.
Getting Past the Mudslide
Leaping and Prancing
  • Daphid and Gwen move like nimble mountain goats down the slope (because they both rolled open ended) and are able to gently haul the old man’s body back up.
  • The group gets across the mudslide and settles Taren down at a small fire. Daphid and Gwen ask Claire to sit with her.
  • Daphid steals a bunch of stuff of the old guy. Gwen does Claire’s herb stuff over him. They bury the body.
  • Gwen and Daphid hem and haw but eventually decide not to take anything from the dead lord, as the sounds of battle can still be heard on the wind.
  • Travel recommences and they get a few hours and make camp.
  • Around midnight the sounds of wolves on the hunt is heard by the group, but the animals are not bothered. The night passes quietly other than that.
  • In the morning Gwen spots a giant wolf print in the stream. Claire claims it is a sign of good luck.
  • After more travel we come across a marker that says we’re in our way to Ofergietan.
  • They come across a man in a gibbet who seems pretty chipper given his circumstances. He said he’d been put their by Lord Aedgar as a heretic, and counters that Lord Aedgar is an asshole.
  • The caged man has a guard who is a bit dumb. We have lunch with them, Gwen performs, they share it’s pretty nice. Some guards on horseback come around and we have to pretend like we weren’t sharing lunch with the prisoner.
  • Turns out we’re just over the hill from the town, and it has a pub!
  • We all head into the village and it looks pretty nice! Big tree I’m the center, hospitality house, all the amenities. We’re greeted by a little herd of children. Looks like a friendly village overall.
  • One of the guards apologies for sight of the heretic sort of marring their village.
Event: On the Road Ægyn

*The group heads out from Castle Drachaid and heads out into the greater world, through the Forest of Whispers.
*Claire and Daphid go one way to look for a better crossing point. Daphid spots a boot sticking out from a bush/fern on the other side of the river.

  • The gang heads out on the road and travel is calm and quiet. There is lunch at a stream and progress is good until they come to a broken bridge with a river too rough to ford.
  • After picking around up and downstream a foreign point is found. It is a. It is a harrowing crossing but everyone makes it across.
  • They go to inspect the boot, and indeed a body is attached. It is a man with a leather satchel, clutching a sealed cask. His relatively nice gear is aged as he’s been dead for a bit. There is an arrow in his side.
  • Despite Claire’s objections the body is (politely) searched and parchment is found. It’s to a man named Bergian who had gone to live in a city, from family back home.
    *Camp is made and Claire takes first watch. She watches as an ethereal woman walk past the camp and is NOT OKAY with that. The spirit walks on through the woods with no regard for the party. Claire decides to follow the spirit.
  • Daphid wakes up everyone as Claire is missing. He and Taren head out while Gwen stays at camp. There are glowing footsteps to follow.
  • Taren hears metallic clinking while Daphid does not. They keep searching.
  • Claire finds a forgotten road that dead ends into six massive stones that cross the old road. The woman walks right through these (she had avoided other obstacles). The stones are strangely cold to her touch as she begins her prayers.
  • Daphid and Taren spot Claire and sneak up in her, but like in a friendly way.
  • Daphid grabs her to try and keep her calm and not standby. She immediately tries to stab him.
  • Daphid puts her in a submission hold, which goes about as well as you’d expect. There’s a struggle but Taren helps Claire calm down and they all get head back to camp, despite Claire’s objections.
  • The group returns to where Claire was found and in the rocks blocking the path reads a carved word: Deapscyldig. Gwen recognizes that is means “condemned to death.”
  • Deapscyldig: Condemned to death.
  • Gwen offers the theory that the Church found the town, broke it’s henge, and blocked the road to ruin the town. They decide to not approach the town and get back to their journey.
  • The wind blows and the clanging of metal is heard again. Claire clambers up the rock wall and can tell the noise is coming from inside the village. She also sees a sign with a chess piece in it.
  • We finally get going and travel is okay, but the wind is picking up. There is a washed out road that we need to deal with.
  • We head up to clamber around the unpassable road. Taren puts her finger through a skulll’s eyehole and realizes there are tons of skeletons and old armor on the ground.
  • Gwen approaches a body that has a signet ring and is, somehow, still intact. The signet is a huge sapphire with a big script letter “A” on both sides. Although she can’t tell what it would impress when used. To the dismay of EVERYONE ELSE, Gwen makes an impression with some melted wax.
  • An old man appears, amused at the group’s antics.
  • Old dude is dead.
  • The wax impression resembles a crown with a snowflake peak. Gwen has seen it before, but can’t place it.

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