Down by the Docks

Rainy Days and Duke's Daughters

  • Clair and Taren head out toward the docks. A group of guards block the main path.
  • Behind the guard’s line, they barely spot a pile of dismembered people. It’s gross, and the guards force them to find an alternate path.
  • The two head down back alleys until they find themselves having to cross the paths of some never-do-wells playing dice when an older woman appears.
  • She calls to the two women and claims them as her apprentices to keep them away. They don’t know the woman but head into her house for safety.
  • The woman’s name is Chuyena, and she’s an herbalist/healer. She offers hospitality to Taren and Claire and lets them know where to get healing in town. She warns the girls to have caution and gives them directions.
  • Chuyena also makes an herbal remedy in a gris-gris bag and gives it to Claire, saying it can do “more than ward off spirits, or heal a bone faster” that the mix will help.
  • Claire and Taren make it to the Dockside Varigal house and scare the bejeezus out of the house host. He is dismayed that two Varigals were actually out running errands that weren’t super-urgent.
  • He also mentions that Lord MacIffyd is going to have some sort of a celebration soon.
  • Daphid and Gwen head out from the old church. Gwen lets Daphid know that she is actually noble and asks him to keep it under his veil.
  • Since they’re already out in the rain they decide to head to the docks. They find the harbor master’s building and are let in.
  • The Sea Dragon, Mermaid’s Bane, and The Undaunted (Reish) are the three boats available. The daughter of “some duke” has been brought on The Undaunted to be wed to someone in the North.
  • The Mermaid’s Bane’s captain likes animals.
  • Sioned, the habor master, is pretty nice and offers to introduce us to captains when we need. There is tea and small talk while Gwen and Daphid catch a few moments to drip-dry.
  • After that we get to the Varigal House. Taren is winning at chess and Daphid retells a humorous, overwrought version of Claire’s adventures in the Whispering Woods.
  • We all head back to the Inn. Daphid finds a chunk of person in the street but doesn’t mention it to anyone else in the group.
  • We get back and meet with Bassahn, who we tell about the evil spirit and how we encountered it. We also happen to tell that story in front of Claire, who freaks.
  • Daphid lets Bassahn know about how he lit her candle and how we met Govan. She’s touched emotionally and recalls her past as when this inn was a boudoir. She worked there until she could buy the place and change it to a respectable inn.
  • Bath time! Nobody washes Claire’s clothes but Claire. Bassahn pulls Gwen aside and lets her know there are escape routes in this inn if she needs them.
  • Dinner time! Everyone gets fed while Gwen performs. The inn is packed as there was a scene at the other inn that’s driven people here.
  • During the evening meal the door opens. The guard set out front appears to have been knocked down while two guards escorting a noble woman.
  • The woman is richly dressed and dry thanks to her guard. Gold and jewels, the whole nine yards.
  • A guard announces her as the daughter of a Duke of Taol Kaer. That’s pretty damn important! Bassahn and Prydaim start throwing servants around and shoot Gwen nervous looks.
  • Gwen bows to the noble woman, who makes eye contact and seems to be curious as to how Gwen will do.
  • Gwen plays for and hour, eschewing her break time for the woman. At almost exactly an hour, the woman prepares to leave.
  • She has her guard offer Gwen her pinky ring and the advice that she had her grip too close to the G fret. Gwen is caught off guard by that and the entire inn holds its breath as she and her guards leave.
  • She’s betrothed to Lord Ranolf.



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