Event: Great feast

Great food and important tasks

The table is set at the end of the day and the whole village gathers for the feast. Halsa, Jacob, Goenall, and Westleigh are given seats of honor by Lord Cyneweard and awarded the prize of a sword for their victory. The group decides to take the worth of the sword instead and evenly split the prize money between them, earning them each 25 Frost Doals. Lord Cyneweard asks how the group solved certain aspects of the hunt’s puzzles, seeking out who had what strengths and how the group worked together.

The squad is about as loquacious as everyone expected them to be. Jacob tells Lord Cyneweard about the boar they ran into and he is excited to organize a hunting party for the next day.

As for the rest of the day’s festivities, Odreck won Best Sheep and Andrid won Best Cabbage. It is unknown who was awarded the giant wheel of cheese.

The winning group retires to the hospitality house (courtesy of Lord Cynewear) where Jacob and Halsa plan how to spend their winnings.

The morning after, the team is gathered to explain the origin of the baby found during the Great Hunt. The kids hem and haw and rely on Cruach for what information they’re allowed to divulge. The Lord is unsurprisingly interested in this story and asks them to return to the swamp to investigate further as well as give any necessary rites to the remaining dead woman. Westleigh comes along to assure that a priest of the Faith could offer whatever religious duties might be required of him.

Halsa, Jacob, Goenall, and Westleigh sit at the end of the table.
Lord cyneweard asks how we solved riddles
Lord calls chupie a bear
Odreck won best sheep competition
Andrid won best cabbage
Spent all night talking about selling sword
Lord asked about baby
Sell sword for 100 frost daols
Lord tells us to learn about ghost woman



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