Event: On the Road Ægyn

*The group heads out from Castle Drachaid and heads out into the greater world, through the Forest of Whispers.
*Claire and Daphid go one way to look for a better crossing point. Daphid spots a boot sticking out from a bush/fern on the other side of the river.

  • The gang heads out on the road and travel is calm and quiet. There is lunch at a stream and progress is good until they come to a broken bridge with a river too rough to ford.
  • After picking around up and downstream a foreign point is found. It is a. It is a harrowing crossing but everyone makes it across.
  • They go to inspect the boot, and indeed a body is attached. It is a man with a leather satchel, clutching a sealed cask. His relatively nice gear is aged as he’s been dead for a bit. There is an arrow in his side.
  • Despite Claire’s objections the body is (politely) searched and parchment is found. It’s to a man named Bergian who had gone to live in a city, from family back home.
    *Camp is made and Claire takes first watch. She watches as an ethereal woman walk past the camp and is NOT OKAY with that. The spirit walks on through the woods with no regard for the party. Claire decides to follow the spirit.
  • Daphid wakes up everyone as Claire is missing. He and Taren head out while Gwen stays at camp. There are glowing footsteps to follow.
  • Taren hears metallic clinking while Daphid does not. They keep searching.
  • Claire finds a forgotten road that dead ends into six massive stones that cross the old road. The woman walks right through these (she had avoided other obstacles). The stones are strangely cold to her touch as she begins her prayers.
  • Daphid and Taren spot Claire and sneak up in her, but like in a friendly way.
  • Daphid grabs her to try and keep her calm and not standby. She immediately tries to stab him.
  • Daphid puts her in a submission hold, which goes about as well as you’d expect. There’s a struggle but Taren helps Claire calm down and they all get head back to camp, despite Claire’s objections.
  • The group returns to where Claire was found and in the rocks blocking the path reads a carved word: Deapscyldig. Gwen recognizes that is means “condemned to death.”
  • Deapscyldig: Condemned to death.
  • Gwen offers the theory that the Church found the town, broke it’s henge, and blocked the road to ruin the town. They decide to not approach the town and get back to their journey.
  • The wind blows and the clanging of metal is heard again. Claire clambers up the rock wall and can tell the noise is coming from inside the village. She also sees a sign with a chess piece in it.
  • We finally get going and travel is okay, but the wind is picking up. There is a washed out road that we need to deal with.
  • We head up to clamber around the unpassable road. Taren puts her finger through a skulll’s eyehole and realizes there are tons of skeletons and old armor on the ground.
  • Gwen approaches a body that has a signet ring and is, somehow, still intact. The signet is a huge sapphire with a big script letter “A” on both sides. Although she can’t tell what it would impress when used. To the dismay of EVERYONE ELSE, Gwen makes an impression with some melted wax.
  • An old man appears, amused at the group’s antics.
  • Old dude is dead.
  • The wax impression resembles a crown with a snowflake peak. Gwen has seen it before, but can’t place it.



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