Event: To the Monastary

The plan is as follows: Lord Kenwyrd gives the group a wagon full of good quality wool to take to the market in wherever, two days from Stamford. This provides us with a reason to head to town rather than just a bunch of peasant and a priest rolling up and asking weird questions. We load up and head out, passing through the countryside in relative peace.

Halsa spots a column a smoke in the distance on the afternoon of the second day. We approach and spot a few men on horseback, watching a monastery burn as they inspect the monks that leap out of the burning building. They assume their target is dead and leave. The group rushes up as soon as the men on horseback are gone and start helping the monks get to safety as well as treating them as best they can for smoke inhalation. One last survivor busts through a stained glass window and is dragged to safety. He is barely alive and badly mutilated from burns, but Halsa does her best to heal him.

Westley offers comfort to the head monk as he dies from injuries.

While trying to get everyone settled, the two men on horseback are spotted by Liam. They are chasing him down and are clearly ready to kill. Declan takes out one of the riders with a well-placed shot and Jacob kills the other with his staff. The man Declan shot is paralyzed and dying, but asks if we are “Ranalf’s men” (???) before he eventually succumbs to his wounds.

The mutilated man regains consciousness and it turns out he’s some sort of lordman? His name is Rouche (?) Kilearen, who offers a boon to Halsa for her aid. He commands Liam scribe a letter for him, the contents of which explain that a fellow lord is a traitor and is planning an imminent rebellion. He seals the letter with his personal sigil and asks us to give the letter only to a truly trustworthy Varigal and get it to the King.

Goenal and Westley examine the burned out remains of the monastery and mourn the loss of the books that had been kept there. Westley finds a blue and white checked cloth wadded up on the floor of the church. It smells of sour milk and is assumed that it was used to nurse a baby.

The monks tell the group that recently a wagon carrying a woman and her ill baby had come to them from the north. They had been heading south and the woman was fussed over by a man and woman who kept her constantly covered.

Halsa takes ten and goes to find the witch’s house that was a little ways down the nearby river. Jacob uses Chupi to herd the horses of the dead soldiers back so they can be used.

Lord Kilearen painfully mounts a horse and heads out as he needs to be away in case anyone comes looking for him. After promising the monks that we’d implore their local lord to send aid, the group retrieves their cart full of wool and continues their journey.

Lord has business: sell wool. Least 3ED per pound. Expect 5-6. 600 pounds of wool total

Story: river flooded and time was important
Bought a pull cart
Turn right at broken sign post
Halsa spots column of smoke
As we approach, hear laughter and screaming
Hide the wagon
Sneak forward: guys on horse watching stone building burning
Men on horseback say something about Lord Ranalf and leave.
Group goes to heal the monks that escaped the fire.
One last survivor breaks through a stained glass window
While healing people, the men on horseback return and the group kills them.
While dying one of them asks if we’re Kilearen’s men.
The badly burned man who jumped through the window says something about “Ranalf’s men.”
Burned man is a lord?
He asks Liam to scribe a letter about him
Pirimus (now acting head monk) kneels before the lord and says it was assumed he was dead.
Kilearen gives the monks money to rebuild.
Jacob uses Chupi to herd the horses back.
Rouche (?) Kilearen offers a boon to Halsa.
He told us to take his letter to only a trusted Varigal that could get it to the King.
Ranalf’s sigis is a shield with a blue and red checked pattern with a prancing boar.
Goenal and Westley talk about the burned down church and lament the loss of knowledge.
Westley finds a blue and white checked patterned cloth wadded up on the floor of the church.
The monks tell us that there were people heading south with a sick babe. They came from the north with a woman that was constantly covered and fussed over by a man and woman.
Pirimus asks us to head to lord Haverfirth and ask for food/money to be sent to the monks



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