Event: Town and the Witch's Hut

The group makes it to town and is challenged by the gate guard. He prods the wool with a sword and asks if we’re hiding a woman among us.

Apparently Halsa doesn’t count. Rude.

We head into town and get to the hospitality house. Westley and Goenal go to check out the chuch. Goenal is mistaken as a novice, given robes, and escapes getting a tonsure several times while he explores the new world of organized religion. He spends the night with the rest of the novices and has to deal with the prayer bell. Westley ends up staying up all night in prayer because repentance or something.

In the morning, Goenal gets to ring the bell and is very enthusiastic about it.

At some point we get an audience with Lord Trefisk and plead the monk’s need for aid. He seems like an okay lord and says he’ll do what he can, including making sure the monks are safe for the winter.

At some point Jacob and Halsa go into the woods, as do Liam and Declin. The two separate groups converge on a place in the woods that’s filled with animal corpses. There are “dreamcatches” made out of animal bones. A witch lives there, in her little tent. She’s not doing very good health wise and constantly asks us to kill her.

[At this point in my game notes there is an entry that only reads “THE POGOAT” which I assume is a half-goat, half-pogo monster.]

But none of us kill her. Instead we ask some questions about the woman and the baby and she explains a lot of what was going on. The woman was the daughter of Lord Trefisk, and she had gotten pregnant by one of the stablehands. She was getting carted off to get married so that’s probably why her dowry was so over the top.

Halsa and Jacob head off to find Aelgar. He’s among the blackcurrants and is a chill dude.

Goenal almost gets himself actually killed for real by the boss of the local quarry.

Everyone has to hustle back to town before the gates close. We hear fire and laughing along the way but can’t stop to investigate. The group barely makes it back in time.

The next day, Jacob and Halsa want to go find Aelgar again but Westley joins them so they go check out where they saw the fire instead. Surprise there’s a bunch of dead people! It’s a group of armed men that are all dead, their throats slit, but no sign of blood. One man has a plant growing from his throat, which Decklin recognizes as druidic magic.

Halsa returns to town and comes back with Oisha, one of the few competent people in the town. She starts looking over the scene when the sound of people approaching on horseback is heard. She sets up a protective wall (Jacob with a spear) and 15 riders approach. There’s a “noble” dude, he’s kind of an ass, but he gives us money to bury everyone before he rides off.

There’s a lot of burying to done. Westley breaks out the quick-serve version of his burial rites.



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