Market Eve and Market Day

Selling Wool and Getting Fleeced

  • Everybody met for dinner and agreed that they’d all help sell wool on market day
  • Westly goes to the church to let the Abbot know about the Mordchail suspicions
  • The hospitality house man has “accusations” brought against him and he denies it all and get mad
  • Jacob vaguely threatens the thief with Chupi
  • About 25% of the wool had been replaced with shitty quality.
  • Goenal gets drunk by drinking everyone’s leftover beers
  • The evening passes with the crew sorting wool and talking with the cheese monger
  • The morning of the market! Everyone hauls the wool to a spot in the market
  • Things are going pretty well until Goenall hears a ruckus further down the market
  • The boy that Halsa had spoken with has brained the quarry foreman with a stone as the girl cries near him
  • The town guard ties his hands and takes him away
  • The girl turns to Westley in the crowd and he gets a little explanation out of her about what happened (she is in some real denial)
  • He directs her to a convent that will take care of her, her mother, and the guy’s dad
  • Westely accompanies the girl for questioninng about the murder
  • Meanwhile, Jacob is kicking ass at selling wool and has made bank.
  • A lordly dude shows up to haggle with Jacob, he is nice enough for his status and Jacob gets a far-ish deal, then an invitation to dinner at the tavern
  • He’s from lands off to the West and claims to be seneschal
    *Meanwhile, Westley attends the questioning. The girl keeps blaming the witch for the crime.
    *The boy is said to have right of vengeance for his mother and is to be exiled after working to rebuild the monastery to the south.
    *After this sentence is handed down, the hospitality house guy is dragged in on the charge of stealing wool. The lord mentions that it’s essentially the last straw for this guy’s bullshit and he gets branded as a thief.



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