Event: The Great Hunt

Epic scavanger hunt

The Summer Solstice games! One of the best days of the year, and this year the village will be visited byLord Cyneweard himself. The kind Lord arrives with a wagon full of prizes as well as the rules for this year’s games. Each team will have to work together to find his banner that has been hidden somewhere in Stamford. The winning team earns seats near the head of the table as well as a very nice sword.

The game starts, and team Blue Stone sets off to the various village elders for clues (Westleigh has better tasks to attend to and declines to partake). Goenall gets a soaking for his attempts to ask the ornery Osmand, but they are able to find elders with riddles that lead them around town. A cup of bones points them to the river, and no one questions how that works.

Goenall hear’s what sounds like someone being murdered in the woods, which (we think) turned out to be a crow playing tricks. The crow seems to take a shine to the team, however, and leads them to a long length of rope with a weight on one end. After much deliberation as to whether it is a “clue” or “tool”, the team takes the rope.

At some point Chupi saves everyone from a wild boar. Yay, Chupi!

The clues lead to the river, where a clue has been stashed in rocks surrounded by fast running currents. Jacob wades in with the rope tied around him for safety and retrieves the next clue: a twig from a tree, a blue flower, and a cattail. Halsa figures out that the only place to have all three of these types of flora would be the swamp and the group heads out.

  • Elfleda had no hint
  • Deedra told Goenal to come back after he got a hint.
  • Winifryth gave Jacob and Halsa Ale
  • Osmand dumped water on Goenal
  • Outhbart had hint (answer iron) which lead to blacksmith
  • Deedra had hint (answer bone) which lead to graveyard
  • Cemetary had hint (cup of bones) which, when rolled, made an arrow pointing to the river (also raven which goenal tried to talk to)
  • Goenal heard scream from woods, followed sound found weighted rope (and a raven screaming)
  • Stream had toppled flag in the middle, Jacob had to swim/wade get it.
    flag had attached pouch with twig, blue flower, and cattail which lead to halfbridge.
  • Had Event: [[Event: Half a bridge and a baby | Half a bridge and a baby]]
  • Found banner on Halfbridge



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