Event: Witch Tent Happenings

I'm very tired writing this see if u can tell

A new day, and Jacob and Halsa return to the Witch’s hut. It is empty and the witch is nowhere to be found. While in the hut, two teenager, a girl and boy, approach. Halsa pretends to be the witch and asks what they’re after. Turns out she’s pregnant with his child but her father hates him and would forbid their marriage. They ask for a potion that will make the father like the boy. After some family history is offered, Halsa realizes and shares with them the information that they’re most likely half-siblings and suggests they abort the baby. The teens refuse and storm off, claiming that she’s a fake and is spouting lies.

Jacob doesn’t add anything to the conversation except for his looming shadow.

Aelgar shows up and commends Halsa for a job well done. He surmised about the same conclusion Halsa did. Aelgar did help the witch pass, but as a friend comforting another friend, not by actually murdering her or anything.

[It was just Mike and Kalisa that day so it was a short session. This took a lot longer than it seems.]



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