Ard-Amrach born itinerant priest


Westleigh is of average height and is somewhat stocky, with a shaved head and a brown beard. He is often seen wearing his vestments (which are almost always impeccable, despite the constant traveling) and carrying a backpack, filled with medical supplies, camping equipment, writing implements, and an extra pair of boots (boots are handy). He also uses a large iron-shod staff as his walking implement of choice, which can double as a weapon in a pinch.

Conviction – 5
Combativeness – 4
Empathy – 3
Reason – 2
Creativity – 1

Miracle – Miraculous Healing


Westleigh was born the fifth child of an eventual six to Lord Bearnard and Lady Liosa of House Barrach, a minor house whose most distinguishing characteristic was that it was one of the first adherents to the faith of Soustraine (and even then, not THE first). Growing up being constantly compared to his elder brothers (of which he has 3), Westleigh was a wild and rambunctious child in his youth. This was probably what prompted his parents to send him to the temple in the first place. The tradition of sending a son to train had to be upheld, and it may as well be the one who could benefit from it the most, and so the boy was sent to study with his uncle, Malachai.

Out of the shadows from his brothers, Westleigh showed an aptitude for learning and quickly devoured any and all books that came his way during his training. Through his readings of the sacred texts, Westleigh began to believe that serving the One God was best done through service to the community and preaching to the souls afterwards. What good was faith for a man if it could not also feed or clothe him? Westleigh was vocal and active in his interpretation, which, while it made him popular among the laymen, rubbed some people the wrong way. Westleigh was then sent out to help start up churches throughout Gwidre.

Westleigh then traveled from town to hamlet to village, planting churches along the way and helping them to grow in their initial phases, then leaving to go and plant a new church. He has now been sent to Stamford, with the mission to help Brother Yorfrick convert the town to the Faith.


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