At the village of Ofergietan

Say that Three Times Fast

  • The group gets the animals put up at a nice stable, and part ways among the village. Gwen plays music for the children to keep them company.
  • Claire and Taren visit the Varigal house and find it has a mail sorting office in the back. There is a man with a big gut sorting mail, who claims he’s quit traveling to just sort packages. He’s heard rumors of a knight guarding roads towards the coast.
  • The package master’s name is Abyseth. He heads out with Clair and Taren and is smitten with Gwen, who he helps repack her lute more efficiently. Gwen introduces Daphid to him and they all go to the tavern with a warning to be polite to Montiroe.
  • Jacquetta, the owner of the bar, is a very young woman (17 tops) and is busy tending tables. A huge man named Montiroe stands at the kitchen door, her apparent guard.
  • Abyseth points out a man wearing black cloak with feathers as a man who is rumored to have traveled from Reizh and has been asking “the wrong sorts of questions”
  • Jacquetta takes our orders and sets up Gwen to perform for the night.
  • Abyseth starts trying to mack on Gwen while everyone has dinner when the man in the feathered cloak walks over and seats himself with a flourish between Clair and Taren.
  • That goes about as well as you think.
  • He introduces himself as Delwyn of Reizh, who is an researcher of the occult with a specialty in Tarish Lore and such.
  • Claire bolts after about thirty seconds of this guy as she wants nothing to do with him. He explains that he’s on the hunt for any occult action and was here to examine the man in the jibbet, which turns out was a boring mundane thing.
  • He’s pretty hysterical if the group sort of gives him conversation. Abyseth goes to the big dude trying to get Delwyn kicked out to no avail. The man is boisterous and keeps getting odd looks from other patrons.
  • Eventually he heads off to go find a large sack which he takes from the grain mill. He gets harassed by a small child on the way but gets his bag and heads back to the tavern.
  • The tavern is having a big ol’ party with everyone in town! Gwen puts on a good show with lots of popular dances and such for the people.
  • Meanwhile, Claire wanders the town and heads to the tree in the center of the village.
  • Taren talks with Abyseth and tells him about the dead Varigal they came across in the woods. She gives him the letter to read and he notes that it is to someone in Guv’ren. They discuss the dead body for a while, then Abyseth asks if Delwyn was rude.
  • Taren lets him know that he has no chance with Gwen in a devastating parting shot. Get owned, Abyseth.
  • During the second set break, Delwyn pulls Abyseth outside to “help” him with Gwen. Despite HOW SUPER WEIRD HE IS, all he does is offer Delwyn the sack so that he can offer it to Gwen to hide her lute.
  • The sound of hoot beats is heard and a gaudy carriage approaches the tavern. It has guards that unload a rather large man who is super-obese.
  • Jacquetta pulls Gwen aside and explains that the lord is easy to annoy and vicious when he’s irritated. Gwen has a set list for this type of customer.
  • Gwen steps back up to the stage, makes a big show of asking the lord’s permission, and plays her Pompus Asshole Set. The Lord seems pleased, and then says it’s time for a dance.
  • Taren says, “Fuck it, let’s do this” and volunteers to be his partner. Delwyn and Daphid also join the reel.
  • It goes…kinda good, kinda poorly. Taren is super drunk so her ineptitude masks the Lord’s and gives him someone to blame. Daphid dances with an 8yr old that is totally rad.
  • Gwen cuts the song short because the Lord is dying for a breath (Gwen contemplates killing the lord by continuing) and Daphid and the 8 year old Claire have a seat which everyone thinks is very cute.
  • It gets to the point where Lord Brevant tries to get Taren to go back to his manor with him. Taren laughs out loud at this offer and the air goes out of the room.
  • Taren barfs on his shoes. Daphid steps in and claims her as a charge and the Lord Brevant can’t take a hint about her not going with him.
  • Daphid tries to get her out of it but ends up gathering Claire and getting in the wagon. Delwyn ties himself under the wagon. Gwen think we’re all bailing but ends up being escorted on Pissbeard. She chats with a chill guard.
  • They reach the manor. Everybody pops out and the Lord is met with a too-deep bow. This is the McManor of Manors. Delwyn unties himself from the wagon and Batmans it into the larger grounds of the manor.
  • The interior is ostentatious and kinda tacky. Money was put into stupid decor but you can tell the manor is in ill repair.
  • Gwen is called to perform for his bed ridden mother, who is even bigger than she is. His mamma so big when she sits around the manor, she sits AROUND the manor.
  • Brevant introduces Gwen to his mother and she berates his as an idiot, mocks him for claiming to dance, and calls for Gwen to play. She bemoans her current lot, asks Gwen to play baudy songs, and warns her against having children.
  • She mentions that she’s pretty sure he’s still a virgin, and Gwen almost feels bad for him.
  • Taren is being checked out by the physician, while Claire and Daphid are shown their room. The two make plans to rescue Taren. Delwyn continues to Batman about in search of the Lord’s room.
  • Taren gets some leeches applied and then is escorted to the former Lady of the House’s room to sleep so she can recover.
  • Brevant might want to marry her??? We’re getting into the plot of that animated Thumbalina movie. Remember that one? He’s the mole.
  • Delwyn made it into the room, and hides on the balcony as Brevant goes to sleep. Delwyn is in full Plague Doctor dress and comes back in, observes him, and then leaves.



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