Chapter Two: Arrival at Fernywood

Over the River and Through the Woods

  • Welcome to the logging town of Fernywood!
  • This is a logging town of some size, has 2 taverns, a monestary, and varigal house
  • Claire arrives from the West, a Varigal with deliveries (3 packages)
  • Ladifrith, Chelemund, and Aedwulf are the waiting recipients
  • The woman who runs the Varigal house doesn’t have legs because logging towns are brutal. (Amalyn)
  • Jeff enters the Log Jam and gets a meal (other tavern is the Widow Maker), see’s Gwen walk in and get chided by the owner to start playing for the new guest
  • Claire is lead to the Log Jam by Amalyn
  • Jeff (Mike) calls the Varigal over to dine with him
  • Gwen hears the distant sound of someone crying for help. Outside there are two men, one covered in blood and one in shock. They get hauled in to the Log Jam.
  • A huge man busts in and starts questioning the one in shock (Bambro) about what happened but gets no response.
  • These two men were part of a workforce sent to the Old Grove (which draws shock from the crowd)
  • Big man (Aedwulf), Colough, and Eofrick join Claire, Jeff, and Gwen and the party heads into the edges of the Whispering Woods
  • The trees begin to change from giant coniferous to apple trees and other soft woods, outcropping of stones that look like they’d been worked. Gwen spots an axe stuck into a tree and a dead woodsman with a twisted body.
  • Further up the hill are more mutilated bodies as well as the remains of a small keep with the rest of the dead crew
  • The story is that the Old Grove keep was built by a Lordling who was cursed by a Demorthain, they didn’t
  • Jeff spots among the blood on the old wall, a newly sprouted plant
  • Suspects Demorthain magics (duh) and refers to it as Morchail
  • Gwen’s mount starts to panic as she hears laughter and alerts the group, everyone starts to move down the mountain as others begin to hear the laughter
  • From beyond the keep rises a huge hulk of a monster, at least 12 feet tall. Jeff is closest and faces it breifly before fleeing.
  • Everyone runs for their fucking lives. Gwen lets her mount bolt while she clings on for dear life. The creature gives chase
  • Eofrick is last in the pack but the creature stops at the edge of the apple trees. The group makes it down to the river
  • Gwen’s mount carries her back to town, where the gate is closed. Claire and Jeff follow, as does Colough. Much later, Aedwulf returns with Eofrick’s body slung over his shoulder.
  • Aedwulf calls to summon all the workmen home and orders that the walls need to be built taller tomorrow
  • Aedwulf confronts Claire and is supsicious of her when she mentions she’s Tarish. He puts her under house arrest and says she’ll have to answer some questions in the morning.



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