Gems and Gigs

Saving Lives and Not Getting Eaten by Ghosts

  • After Gwen and Daphid reappear, Taren shares that she’s overheard some weird stuff and the group goes up to a room to discuss.
  • Up in Gwen’s room for secrecy, Taren explains that the gem merchant has set to kill a rival merchant’s courier so their competition fails to make a deal with Earl MacIffyd’s silversmith.
  • Nobody likes the idea of somebody straight-up getting murdered for their job so we decide to see what we can do about it.
  • Heading back into the rain, Daphid runs into a man smoking near the entrance to the inn, who is probably working with the bad gem merchant
  • The man makes mention of a Dutchess from Taol-Kaer visiting the city. Daphid makes small talk until the two women head out into the rain.
  • In an flash of lightning, Daphid spots a figure in the distance. Something seems unsettling about him. Channeling our Scooby Gang, we further investigate this person and approach.
  • Taren notices that the figure isn’t walking so much as it is gliding. It matches its pace to ours and we can hear it sniffing the air, despite the sound of the heavy rain.
  • It starts to come near us, so we retreat slowly back towards the inn. The man that was out there smoking leaps out with his sword drawn and confirms that he saw the same thing.
  • Everyone goes back into the inn. Prydaim scoffs at Gwen when she says they saw the Spooky M Thing and says not to bring such nonsense into the inn with them. Daphid, Taren, and the man (Iorren) sit down for a beer and discuss what they all saw.
  • They bond over effed up stuff in the world.
  • The idea spoiled, Gwen goes up to bed. Daphid steps outside to sit with one of the goons who has replaced Iorren. Taren takes Daphid’s bed.
  • Daphid notices a person-shaped figure darting through the shadows. Daphid gets up and starts taking a piss in front of the goon to allow the assumed Varigal to make it pass the intercept point safely.
  • This grosses the goon out so badly that he looks away. The Varigal manages to sneak their way past the intercept point.
  • Claire wakes to the sound of another Varigal, a young woman, drying her clothes as she shivers. The Varigal House cat had been curled up next to her.
  • Claire makes tea for the girl while she warms up and tells of how she’s delivered her package and received two Frost Daels for it (which is a huge payment). She’s an apprentice, so she only travels in the city, but is excited to head out into the world.
  • The girl, Jeanette (whoops same name as the bartender), has some nice small talk over tea and stew with Claire. They discuss the city and bond.
  • In the morning Claire meets the grumpy head of the Varigal house and heads out as Taren did not come back to bed. She heads out into the rain and meets one of the goons still waiting as she heads into the Inn.
  • Prydiam questions if Claire has money, but Claire explains how she’s looking for her friends. She is lead up the servant stairs, by her preference.
  • “I hear this is not that type of establishment.” – Claire
  • Everyone is woken us (Claire tries to whisper through the keyhole and gets yelled at by another inn patron).
  • Over breakfast we explain the situation from last night. Gwen skips over the whole “a ghost attacked us” part and Claire denies seeing Jeanette.
  • The group heads out to the Varigal house, collects some letters to be delivered to the dock-side Varigal house.
  • On the way they spot a crowd staring at something in the street. It’s an iron arrow, covered in barnacles, and looks like its been forged into the ground
  • Huh. Weird. Claire hates that we stopped and everyone else causally whistles and walks away.



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