Getting Past the Mudslide

Leaping and Prancing

  • Daphid and Gwen move like nimble mountain goats down the slope (because they both rolled open ended) and are able to gently haul the old man’s body back up.
  • The group gets across the mudslide and settles Taren down at a small fire. Daphid and Gwen ask Claire to sit with her.
  • Daphid steals a bunch of stuff of the old guy. Gwen does Claire’s herb stuff over him. They bury the body.
  • Gwen and Daphid hem and haw but eventually decide not to take anything from the dead lord, as the sounds of battle can still be heard on the wind.
  • Travel recommences and they get a few hours and make camp.
  • Around midnight the sounds of wolves on the hunt is heard by the group, but the animals are not bothered. The night passes quietly other than that.
  • In the morning Gwen spots a giant wolf print in the stream. Claire claims it is a sign of good luck.
  • After more travel we come across a marker that says we’re in our way to Ofergietan.
  • They come across a man in a gibbet who seems pretty chipper given his circumstances. He said he’d been put their by Lord Aedgar as a heretic, and counters that Lord Aedgar is an asshole.
  • The caged man has a guard who is a bit dumb. We have lunch with them, Gwen performs, they share it’s pretty nice. Some guards on horseback come around and we have to pretend like we weren’t sharing lunch with the prisoner.
  • Turns out we’re just over the hill from the town, and it has a pub!
  • We all head into the village and it looks pretty nice! Big tree I’m the center, hospitality house, all the amenities. We’re greeted by a little herd of children. Looks like a friendly village overall.
  • One of the guards apologies for sight of the heretic sort of marring their village.



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