Old Grove Aftermath

Just Say No to Just Saying No, Claire

  • Claire is eating at the Log Jam and is made uncomfortable when Jeff sits near her.
  • The townspeople are adding keeping extra watch on the walls tonight.
  • Amelin asks if Claire saw anything as Claire returns to the Varigal house. Claire only saw the dead men and thinks it was a feond which killed them.
  • Amelin had her legs eaten by a Feond, during a caravan attack. She was saved by Tarish, who stitched up her legs.
  • Jeff leaves for the other tavern to listen to the rumors and chat. He has a few beers then heads to bed and has trouble sleep.
  • Claire wakes and finds that people have asked about her. Amelin warns her to lay low for the day, let the men work off their anger.
  • Claire goes to check on her delivered packages and find the Magentist trying to do work on parts of his house. The magentist was very confusion when Claire tried to learn if he had found the package she left on his doorstep.
  • Ladifrith’s package contained a Fossil Flux, then he asked for Claire to get the smith to fix a wheel and melt down some gold.
  • Taryn approaches the town around 10am and finds the entire town trying to upgrade their already considerable defenses.
  • Taryn speaks with Amelin and learns that there is another Tarish Varigal in the town. She also learns that 19 men died yesterday and the people are being suspicious of anything different.
  • Claire gives the gold and wheel to the smith, the smith is surprised to have payment for the work on the wheel. Then Claire heads back to the Widow Maker to meek with Taryn and Amelin who told her to meet here there.
  • Jeff talked with Aedwulf about the event last night, neither of them could remember much of the details of what they were afraid of. Then Jeff went to talk with the church about the Tarish and if it could be their magic.
  • Jeff talks with bishop, and is asked to retrieve the Tarish ladies for questions. Jeff searches the taverns and finds them in the Widow Maker. They follow Jeff to meet the bishop. The bishop stares down the Tarish to try and gadge there reaction.
  • The bishop, asks Aedwulf what her remembers. It is mostly about the dead men and a feeling of terror. Everything is a fog/mist and he cannot see through it. He feels the need to run when he tries to remember.
  • The bishop asks Claire about her memories. She saw many men in very bad state (also dead?). She believes the magical creatures caused the carnage.
  • The bishop and Claire discuss is Claire summoned the creature, Claire talks in vague statements saying that she intends no harm. but the bishop need to say yes or no on if she summon the creature.
  • The bishop says that Claire must stay in the churches care until a Sigire from Expiation can be summoned.
  • The Bishop the turns to Taryn, stating it is odd to find 2 Tarish in a small town. Asks the relationship of them, which is met with they have never met. Taryn has not idea what is going on and the bishop enlightens her.
  • The Bishop asks if Taryn knows about mystical events. Taren and the Bishop then go into a back and forth because the bishop wants answers and Taren feels attacked. The bishop is upset but sees no reason for Taryn to be held, in fact she should go sooner.
  • The bishop turns back to Claire and ensures that she will be no problem while she stays with them. she answers no.
  • Taryn and Amalin go to the Log Jam, they order food.
  • Lohord shows up in town and goes into the Log Jam for food. They are confronted by Aedwulf who want Lohord to take blame for the me that were killed. Lohord pulls bullshit and says it is the incompetence of the men that were sent that caused the issue.
  • Lohord then attempts to pull Taryn into the conversation. Asks for who the packages, then tries to send Taryn away. Amalin tells him to shut up then says he is an ass.
  • Taryn has a fun time trying to give Ladifrith a package as well.
  • Monk Gladwine comes to Claire and says that he doesn’t think the Tarish deserve their lot. asks Claire to be completely honest when the Sigire come.



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