Post Jeff Celebration

Jeff, We Hardly Knew Ye

  • *Jeff is put in repose inside the chapel, and goodbyes/thanks are given.
    *Lohord is burned and Estrilda is made to watch. Then she is returned to the cell.
    *A feast is given: to celebrate the removal of a witch, and stopping the poisoning of the lord.
    *Clare’s paranoia, has her on edge and notices a dude in the background. He is covered head to toe. Hood+Mask. Very fashionable.
    *The Sargent at arms is occasionally talking to the mystery man.
    *Gwen is called on during the feast to play a song. She chooses to play her new song “The lament of the old grove”. She is rewarded with a small purse.
    *Vortigert asks the group to join him in his solar. The Sargent and masked dude join them.
    *Vortigert asks the varigol to deliver Jeff’s effects to expiation. He asks Clare about her mentor and is surprised to learn she had been separated from him for a length of time.
    *Vortigert asks the masked man “Daphyd” to company Gwen in finding her mentor.
    *Vortigert asks for council on how to handle his wife. Gwen suggests to send her to an abbey after the child is born.
    *After a long discussion, there is talks of political turmoil in Gwedre. The king is old, has no heir. Civil war is on the horizon. Demteir seeks to avoid this war. Either by keeping the king alive, or support the most qualified of the noble line to lead.
    *The group accepted Vortigert’s offer of employment, and were given caerniade for the trip.
  • Claire goes to Jeff’s viewing and places anti ghost stuff. Feeling a chill in the air, she finishes quickly and leaves with a feeling of unease.
  • The Lord pulls Gwen aside and she admits that she’s actually noble and hiding it.
  • He tells Gwen that her family’s castle has been taken by a Taol-Kaer Lord. Her father is presumed dead or hostage.
  • He promises that he’ll send word about her family if they can, as well as news about her mentor as well.



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