The Morning of the Burning

Which Witch is Which?

  • In the morning the discovery of the plant among the buried bodies leads to a mass burning. The plant writhes in pain a little as it burns and people are a bit freaked.
    *Jeff goes to Claire in her cell and returns the trinkets, admitting that he had been the Inquisitor. He establishes a little rapport and gets Claire to tentatively agree to speak in support of Jeff’s building case against Lohord.
    *Lohord spots Gwen in the crowd and she hides in the church.
    *Taren is also hiding in church
    *Jeff goes to Amelyn and openly asks about her animosity towards Lohord. She admits that they were once to be wed as young people but she stabbed him in the nut because he is a rapist and an overall cruel asshole. She also defends her Tarish Varigals.
    *A soldier by the name of Palen comes to gather Gwen. He is in awe of her being a minstrel and helps get her caernidae.
    *Druistan is being hoisted by two soliders to load his wagon and get ready. He is readying his donkeys and berating them for their lack of intelligence and appreciation of his great machinery.
    *The Magentist that lives in a van down by the river makes an appearance, demanding the delivery of his gear. He runs towards to wagon totally nude and Claire lets him know that it is waiting for him at the blacksmith’s.
    *The wagon gets out onto the roads and everyone is trying to keep an eye out for escape routes.
    *We arrive at the castle, which is built on an island in the center of a river. The bridge is 2 wagons wide with a high wall. Everything looks easily defensible and well built. The guard house itself is like a castle keep.
    *The castle itself is in a bit of slight disrepair and the guards themselves area bit disheveled. The group disembarks from the wagon and is lead inside.
    *We are introduced to Lord V. He is older, looking a bit pale with his young lady wife very close to him and whispering in his ear. He has the “witch” brought forward and asked if she confesses.
    *Druistan steps on Lohord’s accusations and explains that his instruments detect no supernatural anything around her; she might be a weirdo, but she’s a mundane weirdo.
    *Jeff is introduced as a Suigere, and Lohord calls him to report on his “failure” before the lord.
    *The Lord catches sight of Gwen’s pin and commands her to perform. She shreds out a song on the lute and brings a tear to his eye and a little more vigor to his person. The wife tries to whisper something and gets slapped for it.
    *The Lord is a pinned Patron and gives Gwen a good coin purse for her performance.
    *Things return to the accusations. The Lords asks why Gwen is among this group and she tells him what she saw. This leads to the fact that Lohord commanded the woodmen go to the Old Grove. Jeff starts to turn the accusation onto Lohord himself.
    *Jeff’s Argument goes here. I had to go to the bathroom so I missed the start of it.
    *The Lord listens to the argument and occasionally asks for input from the other witnesses.. Jeff begins to build the case against Lohord with stories told by townspeople.
    *Eventually the case gets to where we want to use the wagon for proof and everyone heads outside. Lohorn and the Lady are giving each other silent communication while the Lord talks to Claire and tells her just to say that she’s not a witch when she’s not.
    *Barristan (the Sergeant at Arms) offers to test the machine’s reading. He gets read with low output.
    *When Lohord’s turn comes, Jeff shoves him forward with a ichor-stained rag tucked into his belt to make the machine’s reading’s go wild.
    *The guards surround Lohord, who denies the accusations. In an instant he lunges forward and stabs Jeff right in the gut then makes a frantic leap off the bridge.
    *Taren grabs his cloak and Gwen steps on it to keep him. He cuts free but when he falls into the water the portculis (which he ordered shut) and drowns.
    *The Lord listens to Jeff’s last words as Taren tries futilely to staunch the wound.
    *The Lady bolts for the stables. Gwen uses a commanding tone and gets a guard to react and catch her with a flying tackle. Gwen goes with them as they escort the lady to the tower.
    *Lord V arranges for Taren to get washed and clean clothes, a proper burial (lead by Gladwyne), and a feast for the night.
    *Gwen talks to Lady. The lady was clever and had a good racket, and is pregnant and real sullen about her plans being ruined.
    *Fashion montage! Taren and Claire get all gussied up in the Lady’s clothes. Claire has to save her shawl from getting burned and hollers at the ladies in waiting.
    *Gwen is called to speak with Lord V and she shares the information that she got from the Lady. She recites the plan and intentions to kill him.



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