The Not-Marriage of Figaro

  • Gwen gets escorted to her room, a dust covered place where no one has been in a long time.
  • She opens the balcony and cracks Delwyn in the Plague Doctor Mask. He hobbles in and gets covered in dust.
  • He wants leads on occult stuff that he can sell, and is willing to help get Taren out of her engagement to Lord Brevant. Gwen agrees to give him directions to Fernywood for payment.
  • Delwyn then manages to get to the second story floor window of Claire and Daphid and talk to them about his plan. He’s vague, and asks for their help in the plan. He admits he has a debt to the Tarish people and earnestly wants to help.
  • There’s some talk about a plan where Delwyn busts in acting as her husband, and there’s something about Daphid pretending to kill Delwyn. Delwyn eventually flaps back out the widow.
  • Gwen briefly considers following him up and over the roof but doesn’t.
  • Everybody gets some rest and then are woken up with their respective breakfasts. Taren gets a bath and is hungover.
  • The peanut gallery gets assembled while “Mistress Taren”is announced and immediately insults Lord Brevant.
  • Lord Brevant “reminds” Taren that she “agreed” to marry him. Taren denies that and he tells her to watch her tongue.
  • There is a knock at the door! Very loud! Who could it be???
  • In barges Delwyn claiming that his wife was headed this way and pretends to recognize Taren. Gwen manages to mouth the words “PLAY ALONG” and Taren pretends to recognize her husband, """"Roderick"""
  • Lord Brevant “realizes” that she almost led him to sin and allows Delwyn to escort her away. Claire, Gwen, and Daphid are given hush money.
  • Gwen wishes aloud that his Lordship had better peerage to relate to, and Daphid offers to make a connection to Lord Vordigern for purposes of sharing a love of art and the finer things in life.
  • A letter is written and the group heads out. Taren is retrieved from her hiding spot in the woods and a few letters are sent to Lord Vordigern.
  • Delwyn parts ways with us and lets us know his seller is in Northern Gwidrea (Ardonrach).
  • We head to the Varigal house and see Abyseth. He gives us some mail/packages to deliver to a *more northern sorting house and prepares our letters for sending.
  • Abyseth notices that the cider clonks, so we bust it open and find a ruined note bound in oil cloth. The note is ruined but there is a large, ornate crown. The head of the crown is shaped like a bee and the end like a honeycomb.
  • Abyseth tries to admit his feelings to Gwen; she shuts him down by calling him a friend. He goes on to give her the gift of a sack cloth and reminds her of the brigands on the roads and knight that defends against them.
  • Daphid goes to deliver the dress Lord Brevant had Taren wear to the Miller’s daughter, Claire (who had been his dance partner).
  • Claire graciously accepts (Jacquetta has been teacher her graces) and in returns, gives Daphid a lady’s favor and demands a victory at his next tournament.
  • The group stops by Javil to say farewell and give him some apples. Gwen offers him aid in getting out of the jibbet and he asks for his case to be pleaded to a Heirophant. Gwen plays him a song so he can have a bit a music.
  • Gwen asks him for a name that will get more command within the church and he says that the name Arnul Javil will suit, as many still know and some still fear it.
  • Side note, he’s also seen 3 Feondas and that freaks Claire the hell out. Javil gives her his blessing to try and help her out and be brave but prudent across danger.
  • We head out again! The roads are pleasantly boring.
  • That is, until the bandits. They demand coin and receive it. Daphid notices something strange about them and they remark that they’re from a village.
  • One of the bandits demands that Gwen show what she’s got in her rucksack and declares that Gwen must have stolen that lute. Gwen plays and proves it is hers, and a bandit returns her coin purse and gives her a coin in payment.
  • The coin given to Gwen is strange; it is ancient, with a stag on one side and a tree on the other. It’s pre Kingdom, that’s how old it is. There is something clearly odd about these bandits.
  • Two weird things: a man says “nobody gets sick” and gets shushed, and that the leader who looked about 25 had been doing this “for fifty years”
  • The group tries to offer help for their village, because this is really weird. The leader urges them to go on and forget what happened here, so the group heads out.
  • Daphid realizes one of the things that made the Bandits weird is that there was a Sameness about them in their physical being.
  • We come across a knight on horseback, blocking the road. They have older style armor and a sigil of a boar on a blue background.
  • She introduces herself as Lady Aerendal of Barrowleigh Howe of The Kells (spelling is hard in this game). She recognizes Daphid’s claimed house and asks after Lord Vertigern. She’s called The Termagant Knight.
  • She invites us to spend the night at her castle, although she admits that it isn’t what it once was. Daphid accepts on our behalf and we make our way down a narrow, sea-side trail.
  • She lives in a stone keep with a herd of friendly horses. Everything seems to be a little decrepit. Out of her armor she’s a 40-something lady that is clearly strong.
  • She lives with her “Mother”, a servant that won’t leave despite not being paid in quite some time. She was once engaged to Brevant the Elder but she passed on that deal.
  • Daphid and Lady Knight flirt and are gross together.
  • Claire finds a huge cache of currants and honey comb. Tarren gets water from the well, and Gwen is bad at chopping potatoes.



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