Welcome to Stamford
Poor people village

Welcome to Stamford! It’s the place you were most likely born in, the place you intend to live in, and the place you’ll die in. Unless of course you’re Westleigh, who arrived in town just last night with a fire in his heart, two willing hands, and an eager mind to spread the word of the True and Righteous God among these benighted heathens.

Westleigh safely arrives at the village and spends a quiet night before heading out to find Yorfrick, the priest who had been assigned to Stamford and really should have gotten the ball rolling by now, but hasn’t. Westleigh meets young shepherd Jacob and is given a “tour” of the village to help him find his way around. Turns out the proper temple and Yorfrick‘s house are locked (thus enacting 100% of Stamford’s door-locking abilities) and he is told to wait until noon.

Westleigh also meets Aelferyd, who is the village’s Demorthen. Aelferyd is elderly and frail in body, but strong in mind and backhanded insults. He gives Westleigh a blue stone to assign him to a team for the day’s Summer Solstice games.

Turns out Jacob is also on team Blue Stone. Jacob is of few words but seems to help out where he can. His dog, Chupi, stays close to his side.

Goenall has also arrived for the day’s game and is on team Blue Stone as well. Amazing odds, isn’t it?

The team is rounded out by Halsa, student of Aelferyd. She is busy making sure that everyone is where they should be when they should be.


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