Welcome to Stamford
Poor people village

Welcome to Stamford! It’s the place you were most likely born in, the place you intend to live in, and the place you’ll die in. Unless of course you’re Westleigh, who arrived in town just last night with a fire in his heart, two willing hands, and an eager mind to spread the word of the True and Righteous God among these benighted heathens.

Westleigh safely arrives at the village and spends a quiet night before heading out to find Yorfrick, the priest who had been assigned to Stamford and really should have gotten the ball rolling by now, but hasn’t. Westleigh meets young shepherd Jacob and is given a “tour” of the village to help him find his way around. Turns out the proper temple and Yorfrick‘s house are locked (thus enacting 100% of Stamford’s door-locking abilities) and he is told to wait until noon.

Westleigh also meets Aelferyd, who is the village’s Demorthen. Aelferyd is elderly and frail in body, but strong in mind and backhanded insults. He gives Westleigh a blue stone to assign him to a team for the day’s Summer Solstice games.

Turns out Jacob is also on team Blue Stone. Jacob is of few words but seems to help out where he can. His dog, Chupi, stays close to his side.

Goenall has also arrived for the day’s game and is on team Blue Stone as well. Amazing odds, isn’t it?

The team is rounded out by Halsa, student of Aelferyd. She is busy making sure that everyone is where they should be when they should be.

Event: The Great Hunt
Epic scavanger hunt

The Summer Solstice games! One of the best days of the year, and this year the village will be visited byLord Cyneweard himself. The kind Lord arrives with a wagon full of prizes as well as the rules for this year’s games. Each team will have to work together to find his banner that has been hidden somewhere in Stamford. The winning team earns seats near the head of the table as well as a very nice sword.

The game starts, and team Blue Stone sets off to the various village elders for clues (Westleigh has better tasks to attend to and declines to partake). Goenall gets a soaking for his attempts to ask the ornery Osmand, but they are able to find elders with riddles that lead them around town. A cup of bones points them to the river, and no one questions how that works.

Goenall hear’s what sounds like someone being murdered in the woods, which (we think) turned out to be a crow playing tricks. The crow seems to take a shine to the team, however, and leads them to a long length of rope with a weight on one end. After much deliberation as to whether it is a “clue” or “tool”, the team takes the rope.

At some point Chupi saves everyone from a wild boar. Yay, Chupi!

The clues lead to the river, where a clue has been stashed in rocks surrounded by fast running currents. Jacob wades in with the rope tied around him for safety and retrieves the next clue: a twig from a tree, a blue flower, and a cattail. Halsa figures out that the only place to have all three of these types of flora would be the swamp and the group heads out.

  • Elfleda had no hint
  • Deedra told Goenal to come back after he got a hint.
  • Winifryth gave Jacob and Halsa Ale
  • Osmand dumped water on Goenal
  • Outhbart had hint (answer iron) which lead to blacksmith
  • Deedra had hint (answer bone) which lead to graveyard
  • Cemetary had hint (cup of bones) which, when rolled, made an arrow pointing to the river (also raven which goenal tried to talk to)
  • Goenal heard scream from woods, followed sound found weighted rope (and a raven screaming)
  • Stream had toppled flag in the middle, Jacob had to swim/wade get it.
    flag had attached pouch with twig, blue flower, and cattail which lead to halfbridge.
  • Had Event: [[Event: Half a bridge and a baby | Half a bridge and a baby]]
  • Found banner on Halfbridge
Event: Half a bridge and a baby
Swamp of sadness

Eventually the team is lead into the swampy marshes. This is the site of the Halfbridge, where a noble lord once attempted to build a bridge and was beset by bad luck and setbacks until he gave up. The water level is high and the team carefully picks their way over the unstable ground until Jacob sets his staff on a woman’s dead body.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, they also spot a basket floating on the water beneath the half-finished bridge. Goenall gathers his courage and climbs the bridge to free the basket so it floats down to where Halsa can collect it. Lord Cyneweard’s banner is also there, but honestly who cares because there was a baby in the basket.

Halsa immediately sets to tending its needs as the baby is very weak and near death. When the team tries to leave the swamp to get the baby to safety, they are stopped by a spectral woman who clearly claims the child as hers. Halsa tries to explain how the baby desperately needs care but the woman refuses to listen to reason. The woman attempts to stroke the baby’s cheek fondly and is confused when the baby screams in pain; her fingers are so cold that they have burned the baby’s delicate skin. She orders Halsa to touch the child and watches as Halsa’s touch brings no harm.

Through a show of compassion and intelligence (some would say luck and panic), Halsa is able to put the spectral woman to peace, and the body is dislodged so it can go downriver and rejoin with nature. The team rushes as best they can to exit the swamp and run back to Stamford. Elfeda and Aelferyd are summoned to help the baby, everybody gets a stiff drink, and the “not an actual druid” contingency gets sent back to town. Halsa, Jacob, and Goenall present the banner to Lord Cyneweard to his congratulations, get the more important congratulatory bath, and are prepared for the night’s feast and celebration.

  • Attempt to cross marsh, to get to the remaining part of halfbridge
  • Jacob pokes for safe places with staff and leads the way. Disturbs a wisp
  • Goenal hears a noise from near (baby cry?) the bridge. sees basket
  • Jacob finds footprint in muck
    Wind makes lullaby sounds, Jacob sings along, goenal notices.
  • Jacob dislodged drowned woman
  • Reach other side.
  • Goenal climbs tower and finds the banner of Earl Cyneweard of Three Rivers
  • Looks and sees waterlogged baby in basket (barely alive), dislodges basket with staff.
  • Jacob retrieves basket from water, gives baby to Halsa.
  • Halsa sits and tries to help baby by removing wet items and warming baby and feeding it some milk.
  • Jacob and Goenal notice a woman arose from the water and walk across it. (Not drowned woman)
  • Woman reached forward and said “”/characters/caelditha" class=“wiki-content-link”>Caelditha is mine"
  • Halsa asks to help the baby, gets stuttered reponse, then the woman approaches, and asks how.
  • Baby is cold and needs warmth, woman touches baby, baby flinches. Woman pauses, touches baby again, baby flinches.
  • Woman tells Halsa to touch baby, she caresses baby, baby doesn’t flinch.
  • Woman walks back into the river, never taking eyes off the baby.
  • As she enters the river she says, “Her name is ”/characters/caelditha" class=“wiki-content-link”>Caelditha"
  • Group hurries back towards stamford pausing only to pay respects to drowned woman.
  • Goenal runs ahead to get Damathair
  • Damathair comes and handles the baby, makes goenal go get milk, jacob go get Demothen and head ionnthen, and halsa sit and tell the story.
  • All come back, all tell the story to the elders, then get given hard alcohol (which goenal drinks to much of) then told to return the banner to Lord Cyneweard.
  • elders take baby
  • banner is returned, then the group takes a bath (it was very necessary, Lady Rivers didn’t like the smell of us)
Event: Great feast
Great food and important tasks

The table is set at the end of the day and the whole village gathers for the feast. Halsa, Jacob, Goenall, and Westleigh are given seats of honor by Lord Cyneweard and awarded the prize of a sword for their victory. The group decides to take the worth of the sword instead and evenly split the prize money between them, earning them each 25 Frost Doals. Lord Cyneweard asks how the group solved certain aspects of the hunt’s puzzles, seeking out who had what strengths and how the group worked together.

The squad is about as loquacious as everyone expected them to be. Jacob tells Lord Cyneweard about the boar they ran into and he is excited to organize a hunting party for the next day.

As for the rest of the day’s festivities, Odreck won Best Sheep and Andrid won Best Cabbage. It is unknown who was awarded the giant wheel of cheese.

The winning group retires to the hospitality house (courtesy of Lord Cynewear) where Jacob and Halsa plan how to spend their winnings.

The morning after, the team is gathered to explain the origin of the baby found during the Great Hunt. The kids hem and haw and rely on Cruach for what information they’re allowed to divulge. The Lord is unsurprisingly interested in this story and asks them to return to the swamp to investigate further as well as give any necessary rites to the remaining dead woman. Westleigh comes along to assure that a priest of the Faith could offer whatever religious duties might be required of him.

Halsa, Jacob, Goenall, and Westleigh sit at the end of the table.
Lord cyneweard asks how we solved riddles
Lord calls chupie a bear
Odreck won best sheep competition
Andrid won best cabbage
Spent all night talking about selling sword
Lord asked about baby
Sell sword for 100 frost daols
Lord tells us to learn about ghost woman

Event: Investigate the dead.
CSI: Stamford

The table is set at the end of the day and the whole village gathers for the feast. Halsa, Jacob, Goenall, and Westleigh are given seats of honor by Lord Cyneweard and awarded the prize of a sword for their victory. The group decides to take the worth of the sword instead and evenly split the prize money between them, earning them each 25 Frost Doals. Lord Cyneweard asks how the group solved certain aspects of the hunt’s puzzles, seeking out who had what strengths and how the group worked together.

As for the rest of the day’s festivities, Odreck won Best Sheep and Andrid won Best Cabbage. It is unknown who was awarded the giant wheel of cheese.

The winning group retires to the hospitality house (courtesy of Lord Cynewear) where Jacob and Halsa plan how to spend their winnings.

The morning after, the team is gathered to explain the origin of the baby found during the Great Hunt. The kids hem and haw and rely on Cruach for what information they’re allowed to divulge. The Lord is unsurprisingly interested in this story and asks them to return to the swamp to investigate further as well as give any necessary rites to the remaining dead woman. Westleigh comes along to assure that a priest of the Faith could offer whatever religious duties might be required of him.

A return to the swamp at Halfbridge! No one is excited for this adventure! Cruach, Jacob, Halsa, and Westleigh head out in the early morning to return to where the dead bodies and the baby were found. The water levels had receded slightly which makes all the mucking about a lot easier as everybody gets to the Halfbridge.

Nobody wants to be at the Halfbridge, but there they are! Jacob is able to retrieve the remaining dead body and Jacob starts digging a grave for her. The dead woman has stunningly blue eyes and is dressed in finery that is very uncommon for such a rural area. Cruach questions Halsa on what she observes and can draw conclusions about the woman’s life and possible cause of death.


Leam and Deklin have arrived in the swamp from places unknown. They stumble upon the search party and watch with extreme curiosity as what appears to be a bunch of peasants and a priest poke around in a swamp and retrieve a dead body. The cautiously make their presence known and introduce themselves as a scholar and hunter, respectfully. Leam begins a stream of questions about everyone, the swamp,and the body until he’s forced to give pause for the burial. Westleigh gives prayer according to his faith, all six verses, and the investigation party invites the two new arrivals to follow them so they can find Stamford.

Further exploration along the river find a wagon that crashed into the rapids and more dead bodies. The is a man, presumably the porter that drove the wagon, as well as another woman. Both bodies are extracted are carefully as they can be (still an awful mess) and more graves are dug. In the wreckage of the wagon the group finds bolts of fine cloth and a chest filled with clothing and a child’s doll among other supplies that indicated this is the same wagon the woman with the child traveled with. The chest also contained a letter that Westleigh reads. Much of the letter is blotted with ink that was presumably smudged by the water. Burial rites are performed, Chupi witnesses because no one else has the patience for Westleigh’s thorough performance of his duties.
“Elanore Rigby”is heard playing in the distance.-

The entire party now heads back to Stamford to report their findings to Lord Cyneweard. The letter is read aloud, describing the wagon’s riders as a family delivering their daughter Aelgythu to a distant Lord Wulfgar, the anticipated joy at the return of her health, and the hope for future children that will thrive in the ocean-side lands of their new home. It also mentions a dowry of cloth, money, and a bull.

The assembled group, including Lord Cyneweard, agree that there is more to this situation than the letter leads its reader to assume, especially as the dowry is tremendously overdone for such a marriage arrangement and both the bull and money are missing (the money may have sunk into the water). Aelferyd offers council on the matter and when asked, Cruarch heavily implies that the child died despite best efforts to revive it.

Lord Cyneweard proposes that those involved in this discovery take up the task of traveling to the wagon’s intended destination and finding the truth of the matter. The choice to accept to refuse the task is freely granted to the group in the same way that someone might offer free choice between a cup of lemonade and shooting you in the leg. Deklin is gently cautioned that he might want to mind his manners should he stand before any ever lord and walk away unscathed.

Westleigh turns his attention to one of Lord Cyneweard’s men, who received a nasty leg wound during the day’s hunt (which was successful and Jacob gets himself a nice slab o’ boar). Although the consensus is to simply allow Aelferyd to tend the wound in the typical manner, Westleigh offers his aid. The man is mostly unwilling but prepares himself for whatever tender mercies Westleigh might have to offer. Westleigh performs a gol’durn miracle both with an act of supernatural healing as well as by restraining the urge to be super smug in the face of all the haters.

Those who actually live in Stamford go home and think about what they’ll do in the morning. Jacob’s parents are not helpful. Halsa goes to Elfleda, convinced that the child is dead, and asks that the doll found in the wagon be buried with it. After being assured that the child is not dead, Halsa goes to Aelferyd. She is interrupted by Westleigh, who offers Aelferyd the majority of his winnings to donate to the village with the condition that part of the money goes to restoring the temple. After the interruption, Halsa is disheartened because she was going to make a similar gesture by giving Aelferyd part of her winnings.

Leam and Deklin spend the night in the hospitality house. Both are cautiously optimistic about the ghost prospects of this town. Leam takes a lot of notes and invents perhpaps not the word, but the concept of a nerd for the people of Stamford.

Cruach plus group dig around at half bridge
Jacob puts staff the body underwater.
Cruach pulls body up out of water
Cruach makes halsa inspect body
Woman has nicer clothes, no wounds, and bright blue eyes
We dug a grave for the woman
Two guys showed up (Leam and Deklin)
Cruach and the men question each other
Guys had journal
Liam offered to write letters from our village
Liam asked about ghost, and where the woman was found
Liam looked at the footprint in the muck
Woman found dead off cliff upstream
Found man pinned to tree by wagon upstream.
Man looked like a porter
Wagon had cloth, clothing, and chest
Chest had woman’s clothing and baby stuff.
Halsa takes doll.
Westleigh found parchment.
Halsa went to Damathair.
Jacob, Goenall, Liam, Deklin, Cruach, and Westleigh have a pint at the greystone.
Parchment. The marriage of wulfgar and Aelgythu.
Alfred says some stuff about marivael and house treafisk
Cyneweard ‘offers’ job to find out about the people in the wagon
Westleigh heals an earl’s man’s leg.

Event: To the Monastary

The plan is as follows: Lord Kenwyrd gives the group a wagon full of good quality wool to take to the market in wherever, two days from Stamford. This provides us with a reason to head to town rather than just a bunch of peasant and a priest rolling up and asking weird questions. We load up and head out, passing through the countryside in relative peace.

Halsa spots a column a smoke in the distance on the afternoon of the second day. We approach and spot a few men on horseback, watching a monastery burn as they inspect the monks that leap out of the burning building. They assume their target is dead and leave. The group rushes up as soon as the men on horseback are gone and start helping the monks get to safety as well as treating them as best they can for smoke inhalation. One last survivor busts through a stained glass window and is dragged to safety. He is barely alive and badly mutilated from burns, but Halsa does her best to heal him.

Westley offers comfort to the head monk as he dies from injuries.

While trying to get everyone settled, the two men on horseback are spotted by Liam. They are chasing him down and are clearly ready to kill. Declan takes out one of the riders with a well-placed shot and Jacob kills the other with his staff. The man Declan shot is paralyzed and dying, but asks if we are “Ranalf’s men” (???) before he eventually succumbs to his wounds.

The mutilated man regains consciousness and it turns out he’s some sort of lordman? His name is Rouche (?) Kilearen, who offers a boon to Halsa for her aid. He commands Liam scribe a letter for him, the contents of which explain that a fellow lord is a traitor and is planning an imminent rebellion. He seals the letter with his personal sigil and asks us to give the letter only to a truly trustworthy Varigal and get it to the King.

Goenal and Westley examine the burned out remains of the monastery and mourn the loss of the books that had been kept there. Westley finds a blue and white checked cloth wadded up on the floor of the church. It smells of sour milk and is assumed that it was used to nurse a baby.

The monks tell the group that recently a wagon carrying a woman and her ill baby had come to them from the north. They had been heading south and the woman was fussed over by a man and woman who kept her constantly covered.

Halsa takes ten and goes to find the witch’s house that was a little ways down the nearby river. Jacob uses Chupi to herd the horses of the dead soldiers back so they can be used.

Lord Kilearen painfully mounts a horse and heads out as he needs to be away in case anyone comes looking for him. After promising the monks that we’d implore their local lord to send aid, the group retrieves their cart full of wool and continues their journey.

Lord has business: sell wool. Least 3ED per pound. Expect 5-6. 600 pounds of wool total

Story: river flooded and time was important
Bought a pull cart
Turn right at broken sign post
Halsa spots column of smoke
As we approach, hear laughter and screaming
Hide the wagon
Sneak forward: guys on horse watching stone building burning
Men on horseback say something about Lord Ranalf and leave.
Group goes to heal the monks that escaped the fire.
One last survivor breaks through a stained glass window
While healing people, the men on horseback return and the group kills them.
While dying one of them asks if we’re Kilearen’s men.
The badly burned man who jumped through the window says something about “Ranalf’s men.”
Burned man is a lord?
He asks Liam to scribe a letter about him
Pirimus (now acting head monk) kneels before the lord and says it was assumed he was dead.
Kilearen gives the monks money to rebuild.
Jacob uses Chupi to herd the horses back.
Rouche (?) Kilearen offers a boon to Halsa.
He told us to take his letter to only a trusted Varigal that could get it to the King.
Ranalf’s sigis is a shield with a blue and red checked pattern with a prancing boar.
Goenal and Westley talk about the burned down church and lament the loss of knowledge.
Westley finds a blue and white checked patterned cloth wadded up on the floor of the church.
The monks tell us that there were people heading south with a sick babe. They came from the north with a woman that was constantly covered and fussed over by a man and woman.
Pirimus asks us to head to lord Haverfirth and ask for food/money to be sent to the monks

Event: Town and the Witch's Hut

The group makes it to town and is challenged by the gate guard. He prods the wool with a sword and asks if we’re hiding a woman among us.

Apparently Halsa doesn’t count. Rude.

We head into town and get to the hospitality house. Westley and Goenal go to check out the chuch. Goenal is mistaken as a novice, given robes, and escapes getting a tonsure several times while he explores the new world of organized religion. He spends the night with the rest of the novices and has to deal with the prayer bell. Westley ends up staying up all night in prayer because repentance or something.

In the morning, Goenal gets to ring the bell and is very enthusiastic about it.

At some point we get an audience with Lord Trefisk and plead the monk’s need for aid. He seems like an okay lord and says he’ll do what he can, including making sure the monks are safe for the winter.

At some point Jacob and Halsa go into the woods, as do Liam and Declin. The two separate groups converge on a place in the woods that’s filled with animal corpses. There are “dreamcatches” made out of animal bones. A witch lives there, in her little tent. She’s not doing very good health wise and constantly asks us to kill her.

[At this point in my game notes there is an entry that only reads “THE POGOAT” which I assume is a half-goat, half-pogo monster.]

But none of us kill her. Instead we ask some questions about the woman and the baby and she explains a lot of what was going on. The woman was the daughter of Lord Trefisk, and she had gotten pregnant by one of the stablehands. She was getting carted off to get married so that’s probably why her dowry was so over the top.

Halsa and Jacob head off to find Aelgar. He’s among the blackcurrants and is a chill dude.

Goenal almost gets himself actually killed for real by the boss of the local quarry.

Everyone has to hustle back to town before the gates close. We hear fire and laughing along the way but can’t stop to investigate. The group barely makes it back in time.

The next day, Jacob and Halsa want to go find Aelgar again but Westley joins them so they go check out where they saw the fire instead. Surprise there’s a bunch of dead people! It’s a group of armed men that are all dead, their throats slit, but no sign of blood. One man has a plant growing from his throat, which Decklin recognizes as druidic magic.

Halsa returns to town and comes back with Oisha, one of the few competent people in the town. She starts looking over the scene when the sound of people approaching on horseback is heard. She sets up a protective wall (Jacob with a spear) and 15 riders approach. There’s a “noble” dude, he’s kind of an ass, but he gives us money to bury everyone before he rides off.

There’s a lot of burying to done. Westley breaks out the quick-serve version of his burial rites.

Event: Witch Tent Happenings
I'm very tired writing this see if u can tell

A new day, and Jacob and Halsa return to the Witch’s hut. It is empty and the witch is nowhere to be found. While in the hut, two teenager, a girl and boy, approach. Halsa pretends to be the witch and asks what they’re after. Turns out she’s pregnant with his child but her father hates him and would forbid their marriage. They ask for a potion that will make the father like the boy. After some family history is offered, Halsa realizes and shares with them the information that they’re most likely half-siblings and suggests they abort the baby. The teens refuse and storm off, claiming that she’s a fake and is spouting lies.

Jacob doesn’t add anything to the conversation except for his looming shadow.

Aelgar shows up and commends Halsa for a job well done. He surmised about the same conclusion Halsa did. Aelgar did help the witch pass, but as a friend comforting another friend, not by actually murdering her or anything.

[It was just Mike and Kalisa that day so it was a short session. This took a lot longer than it seems.]

Market Eve and Market Day
Selling Wool and Getting Fleeced
  • Everybody met for dinner and agreed that they’d all help sell wool on market day
  • Westly goes to the church to let the Abbot know about the Mordchail suspicions
  • The hospitality house man has “accusations” brought against him and he denies it all and get mad
  • Jacob vaguely threatens the thief with Chupi
  • About 25% of the wool had been replaced with shitty quality.
  • Goenal gets drunk by drinking everyone’s leftover beers
  • The evening passes with the crew sorting wool and talking with the cheese monger
  • The morning of the market! Everyone hauls the wool to a spot in the market
  • Things are going pretty well until Goenall hears a ruckus further down the market
  • The boy that Halsa had spoken with has brained the quarry foreman with a stone as the girl cries near him
  • The town guard ties his hands and takes him away
  • The girl turns to Westley in the crowd and he gets a little explanation out of her about what happened (she is in some real denial)
  • He directs her to a convent that will take care of her, her mother, and the guy’s dad
  • Westely accompanies the girl for questioninng about the murder
  • Meanwhile, Jacob is kicking ass at selling wool and has made bank.
  • A lordly dude shows up to haggle with Jacob, he is nice enough for his status and Jacob gets a far-ish deal, then an invitation to dinner at the tavern
  • He’s from lands off to the West and claims to be seneschal
    *Meanwhile, Westley attends the questioning. The girl keeps blaming the witch for the crime.
    *The boy is said to have right of vengeance for his mother and is to be exiled after working to rebuild the monastery to the south.
    *After this sentence is handed down, the hospitality house guy is dragged in on the charge of stealing wool. The lord mentions that it’s essentially the last straw for this guy’s bullshit and he gets branded as a thief.
Chapter Two: Arrival at Fernywood
Over the River and Through the Woods
  • Welcome to the logging town of Fernywood!
  • This is a logging town of some size, has 2 taverns, a monestary, and varigal house
  • Claire arrives from the West, a Varigal with deliveries (3 packages)
  • Ladifrith, Chelemund, and Aedwulf are the waiting recipients
  • The woman who runs the Varigal house doesn’t have legs because logging towns are brutal. (Amalyn)
  • Jeff enters the Log Jam and gets a meal (other tavern is the Widow Maker), see’s Gwen walk in and get chided by the owner to start playing for the new guest
  • Claire is lead to the Log Jam by Amalyn
  • Jeff (Mike) calls the Varigal over to dine with him
  • Gwen hears the distant sound of someone crying for help. Outside there are two men, one covered in blood and one in shock. They get hauled in to the Log Jam.
  • A huge man busts in and starts questioning the one in shock (Bambro) about what happened but gets no response.
  • These two men were part of a workforce sent to the Old Grove (which draws shock from the crowd)
  • Big man (Aedwulf), Colough, and Eofrick join Claire, Jeff, and Gwen and the party heads into the edges of the Whispering Woods
  • The trees begin to change from giant coniferous to apple trees and other soft woods, outcropping of stones that look like they’d been worked. Gwen spots an axe stuck into a tree and a dead woodsman with a twisted body.
  • Further up the hill are more mutilated bodies as well as the remains of a small keep with the rest of the dead crew
  • The story is that the Old Grove keep was built by a Lordling who was cursed by a Demorthain, they didn’t
  • Jeff spots among the blood on the old wall, a newly sprouted plant
  • Suspects Demorthain magics (duh) and refers to it as Morchail
  • Gwen’s mount starts to panic as she hears laughter and alerts the group, everyone starts to move down the mountain as others begin to hear the laughter
  • From beyond the keep rises a huge hulk of a monster, at least 12 feet tall. Jeff is closest and faces it breifly before fleeing.
  • Everyone runs for their fucking lives. Gwen lets her mount bolt while she clings on for dear life. The creature gives chase
  • Eofrick is last in the pack but the creature stops at the edge of the apple trees. The group makes it down to the river
  • Gwen’s mount carries her back to town, where the gate is closed. Claire and Jeff follow, as does Colough. Much later, Aedwulf returns with Eofrick’s body slung over his shoulder.
  • Aedwulf calls to summon all the workmen home and orders that the walls need to be built taller tomorrow
  • Aedwulf confronts Claire and is supsicious of her when she mentions she’s Tarish. He puts her under house arrest and says she’ll have to answer some questions in the morning.

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