Crew of the Undaunted

Crew of the Undaunted


*Edjien – Cabin boy. Informant to the captain (presumed) and others on ship.

*Shume – Keeps watch in the Crow’s Nest. A woman from the Continent! She appears strange as she’s quite foreign and is a good lookout. Her name has an umlaut. Slept with the former captain of the Lucky Strike.

*Pagayer – Oarmaster. Probably not a rad guy.

*Farine – Cook of the Undaunted. Is a very good cook and intuitive with odd/sparse ingredients on ship. Everyone on the ship has a pact to pretend his meals are subpar so he never realizes his worth and leaves for another, higher paying, ship. Allergic to cinnamon.

*Tonnerre – Tarish “Wind Finder” of the Undaunted. Not a witch, but has some very witch-like personality traits. On a personal search to find more of her people, as the Tarish were/are a sea-faring people. Taught Claire some of her heritage and honors her ability as a herb-gatherer. KILLED THE KRAKEN WITH A WICKED HARPOON. Currently dating one of the Undaunted crewmen. All around bad-ass.

*Marin – Sail Master of the Undaunted.

*Etoiles – Navigator of the Undaunted.

*Voir – First Mate of the Undaunted. Left side of his face is horribly scarred. Not to be messed with and highly respected by the crew.


Crew of the Undaunted

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