A Trip to Castle Lychtenstein

  • Claire, Daphid, and Gwen head to the church. Govan is there and welcomes them. He notes that Claire has hung back from entering the church.
  • Govan talks to Claire, who claims that she doesn’t belong to the church because she is “not of his people.”
  • Govan explains that this religion was brought from the Continent, and is not more “his” religion than hers, and that they were all made by the same Creator.
    Then Govan asks Gwen to perform one of his favorite hymns, which they and Daphid sing in harmony. The resulting song is beautiful and Govan blesses Gwen for her performance.
    *Gwen tells Govan about the afternoon’s invitation, to which he offers advice on how to deal with nobles. She offers further info on WHO she is performing for, and where she’s headed to get married. She also lets him know about her family’s situation.
  • The priest (Hierophant but who is counting) asks after the lord that has taken her lands, what the condition of his soul might be, and promises a letter that will send the church to investigate this man.
  • They also speak of the Ghost Lady that Claire saw, and Govan promises to have priests asses the situation and make reparations if they have brought violence against the woman’s village.
  • There’s a bit of a jam session. Gwen plays a few songs (including Tinker, Tanner) and Daphid is sent to fetch water from a well to get him out of the room for a bit.
  • Govan leads them to the cave he lives in (!!!). Claire sets him up with some protective herbs and totems. Govan gives her a snowflake emblem necklace as a symbol of the Creator and double-proof that she is Totally Not A Witch.
  • It’s time to head out, and Govan decides to come along. He meets with a man who gains money through illicit means, but the man does not repent.
  • Govan leans in with threats of Church Law and excommunication (which he previously said was bs), and Claire adds a very creepy threat on top of that. It’s a solid move.
  • (The dude is an asshole who arrests strangers for crimes they had no idea were illegal in this city and extorts them for money/bail.)
  • Then we meet the poor guard at the gate on our way to the castle and offer him and his wife dinner at the inn. It’s a weird trip.



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