Dinner with the Heirophant, Part One

  • The Heirophant is escorted to the inn and welcomed by a receiving line of all the inn’s workers, which he graciously greets, and is then lead to the private dining room where the guard and his wife are nervously waiting.
  • Daphid gets Govan seated
  • Morgana and Warcyd are the wife and guard are super duper nervous. Daphid is being obnoxious to Govan, as is his wont.
  • At Govan’s request, Gwen plays a few songs. Prydaim peeks in and is aghast at this.
  • Morgana works down at They Wayfarer, the third biggest inn in town. It’s a rough place, pretty shady.
  • There’s spice cake! It’s very delicious and everyone is very happy.
  • The evening is nice, and the couple eventually relaxes enough to have conversation. As things wind up, Claire, Daphid, and Taren head to escort the Heirophant home.
  • The crowds are busy still, despite the late hours. There’s a crowd around the blacksmith.
  • Daphid is approached and a man presses a dagger into his side, commanding him to drop his axes. Another man approaches Snowflake and tries to grab the reins.
  • Daphid feigns dropping his axes and attempts an attack, but is mortally wounded.
  • WHAT THE FUCK. That’s bullshit. This is bullshit.
    *Snowflake (rolls a fricken 27) kicks back, striking one of the attackers behind it before it bolts wildly forward. Govan holds on for dear life and is taken along for the ride.
    *Claire does a flying tackle on the person that is trying to catch Snowflake and stabs them in the leg. It’s nasty.
    *Taren attempts to alert the crowd by shouting and then fires at the attacker who is loading his crossbow. She hits his right in the chest and his own arrow goes wide to the sky.
  • The guy Clair has stabbed tries to flip his dagger around to stab her but fails and his dagger goes flying.
    *During all this, Govan is praying and praying. He’s still getting away on Snowflake. The symbolism is not lost on the group.
  • Claire is just stabbing the bejeezus out of this guy as he ties to get a grip on his dagger. Taren finally shoots her target down and he lies in agony, dying.
    *"Do not piss off Tarish women."
  • Taren explains to the dying man that she must kills him because he shot her friends, and recommends against it before delivering the final arrow.
  • Claire, in her bloodlust, notices that the sun is rising in the wrong direction and is heading towards her. This is odd. She throws herself on top of Daphid to protect him from whatever is coming.
  • The light is all encompassing. Claire feels a deep, gentle warmth before a hand lifts her up and away from Daphid. She allows herself to be moved and the hands are then placed on Daphid.
  • Daphid, who is having himself a moment, suddenly feels like he’s floating on a warm cloud, which is nicer than dying. He finds himself lying face down on the street with Govan standing over him, who flicks him in the face because to be fair he’s an ass.
  • Govan then demands Daphid walks him back to the church as he is tired. Daphid feels great and only sort of remembers the stabbing and being dead.
  • Claire is a hot mess, covered in blood and tears as she watches Daphid. Daphid comforts her and wipes away her tears. Govan takes the snowflake amulet necklace she wears and channels through it to bring her calmness.
  • Claire throws her arms around Govan and tearfully thanks him.
  • Taren is a boss ass bitch about all of this. She’s upset but more in the mood for a drink rather than a hug.
  • Snowflake reappears with the man that tried to grab her dead in her antlers. Daphid and Taren free her and she’s still not happy.
  • They get back to the church, and Govan sends Daphid to get water from the well. Daphid wordlessly obeys for once and everybody takes a drink.
  • Govan states that he is very glad that Daphid had already drank from the well, then sends Daphid off to get Gwen.
  • “Welcome to weird shit 101.”



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